Bravo Zimbabwe's Second Liberation --Time to Free Uganda

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The corrupt U.S.- and U.K.-backed tyrant of 31 years Gen. Museveni


In Zimbabwe people are celebrating after the forced resignation of President Robert Mugabe, the man who liberated Zimbabwe from minority white rule, but who then brought his country down by repressing and dehumanizing his people, to the point when even his own ZANU PF party, and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said enough is enough.

As Pan-Africanists, we applaud the role played by Mr. Robert Mugabe in the liberation of Zimbabwe from white rule, the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and the general African struggles against global imperialism is much appreciated. No one can take those credentials away from him including other positive things which he accomplished for Zimbabweans; for example educating large sections of his people by building successful educational institutions, which were the envy of other African societies.

But, as in many African countries, Zimbabwe was not spared from the post-colonial virus, whereby great liberation war heroes sometimes became too power hungry and undemocratic, as they relished in the destructive practice of seeking to rule for life, arguing that theirs was a God-given right to rule indefinitely without recourse to any democratic principles or pro-people political manifestations. And so, the people of Zimbabwe have, for several decades, been subjected to excessive brutality and violent violations of their fundamental human rights and freedoms.

Many have been subjected to unbearable repression, arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions and torture. Lives have been lost. The country has been brought to its knees, as a result of economic mismanagement and corruption. The Western sanctions also played a destructive role. The People of Zimbabwe, with the assistance of the Zimbabwe defence forces have now, hopefully, put an end to the continued destruction of the country, and we have to pay tribute to all of them for this achievement.

Zimbabweans will now be the wiser if they can master the courage to come together, in spite of their political and ethnic affiliations, and re-orient their nation towards democracy, political stability and socio-economic progress. That destination is now in sight, but it will take mega efforts on the part of all Zimbabweans, to climb through seemingly insurmountable challenges to arrive there.

The possibility of failure, due to the selfishness or narrow-mindedness, on the part of some imprudent and irrational actors, is very real. Nontheless, there is great hope in the air because, at least, one major road block to progress has been cleared. A new, previously unavailable choice has now been rendered to the People of Zimbabwe, with the hope that they can do the right thing if they so wish.

Fellow Ugandans, Zimbabweans have achieved their first victory in the fight for a better nation. They have freed themselves from Robert Mugabe's Dictatorship – If it can happen in Zimbabwe, it can happen in Uganda. The onus is upon us all to liberate our Motherland from more than 31 years of Museveni’s corrupt and tyrannical rule. Let us all together, as one united people - whether NRM Supporters, anti-Museveni political opposition, or ordinary citizens across the Ugandan nation do the right thing to save our country from further destruction.

This is a call not just to those of us traditionally opposed to Mr. Museveni. It is also a call to the members of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), and those who consider themselves supporters of the NRM Party, to actively join the Peoples’ Liberation Struggle, so that, like in Zimbabwe, here in Uganda we can do away with one of the major burdens to progress, which is Mr. Museveni, and then we can all sit down, as Ugandans, as one united people, to chart a new political trajectory for our Motherland. NRM party members; Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), NRM War Veterans – stop thinking that Museveni is God-sent to rule Uganda forever.

Do not support his evil and dangerous vision of changing Article 102 (b) of the Ugandan constitution, in order to establish a Life Presidency, and thereafter create a highly retrogressive dynastic hegemony, when his family members forcefully occupy state house after God has recalled him from mother earth. Fellow Ugandans, who are currently supporting Mr. Museveni’s much-hated and widely-resisted Life Presidency project, do the right thing. Stop supporting Mr. Museveni.

Make it easier for him to go and leave Uganda to heal the deep wounds of inter-ethnic hatred, political intolerance and social discord, which Museveni so systemically transposed onto our society. Do not leave it too late. Do not wait for matters to get out of hand as was the case in Zimbabwe. Let us all together, as Ugandans, get down to work and free our Uganda sooner, rather than later.


Dr. Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free

Uganda (FU)


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