Capitalist Puppet: Why Gen. Museveni is Exempt from Judicial Adjudication

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Museveni with Ronald Reagan. Reliable U.S. agent since before 1986. Wikimedia Commons photo.

[Reader's Comment]

Your December 10 Commentary "Petition Ambassador
Malac, Support Probe of Massacre By Uganda's U.S.-trained Troops," calls for an investigation of mass killings by Gen. Yoweri Museveni.

About a year ago Museveni's troops committed another crime against his people. This is exactly the type of crime that Quathafi was accused of which supposedly justified invading Libya and killing its leader.

However, for about 15 years Museveni had over a million Acholi people in concentration camps where hundreds of thousands died. The international Red Cross has no access to these camps and the world press chose not to report this major story. If this type of thing took place in Venezuela, Zimbabwe or Cuba those countries would have been accused of barbaric behavior and sanctions would have been applied against them.

But because Museveni is very useful to inernational capitalists he is exempt from judicial adjudication or even criticism from the world media which has shown itself to be shameless.

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