Dr. Nyanzi To Judge: "I Have Called His Excellency...A Pair of Buttocks"

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Dr. Nyanzi in court

Excerpts from April 10 court proceedings in Kampala, Uganda, as transcribed by The Daily Monitor (converted to U.S. spellings).

Chief magistrate: Dr. Nyanzi, are the allegations correct in that count of cyber harassment?

Dr. Nyanzi: Your honor, I have been writing an academic report about adolescents, I have written a lot about the current state of governance, I have written a lot on my Facebook wall about his excellency and the political institution, I have called his excellency an impotent man, I have called his excellency a range of metaphors including a pair of buttocks.

I have written a lot on my Facebook posts your honor. All my writings your honor, as far as I am concerned, do not tantamount to cyber harassment. I am just a writer who uses language that is metaphoric to tell a story. Is that cyber harassment your honor? I don’t think so, I am not pleading guilty.

Dr. Nyanzi on offensive communication charge:

Your honor, I understand the charge… offensive communication, offending the person of the President. What is offensive your honor? Ugandans have been offended by this regime for so many years. Who is offending the other?

How long are Ugandans going to be silent because they are going to fear accusations of offense? He makes promises of sanitary pads to girls and he dare goes against the promise? He is supposed to be a fountain of honor. It is only honorable men who fulfill promises. Yoweri Museveni, is dishonorable. This regime has offended this country and I am happy to take on the mantle of insanity. I am happy to take on the mantle of a true Stella if this mantle is going to be the only time that the regime will be told about its offenses against the people of Uganda.

Chief magistrate: A team of four defense lawyers led by Mr. Nicholas Opiyo as well brought to the attention of court that the state prosecutor has ambushed court with the mental health application on their client, so they could not react effectively. Court adjourns the matter to April 25, for a defense reply before they can apply for bail for their client.

Petition Demanding release of Dr. Nyanzi


Stella Nyanzi legal defense fund


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