FUF Salutes Fallen Colonel Ogole; A Commander Who Reconciled With Former Foe, Gen. Sejusa

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Gen. Sejusa and Col. Ogole

[A Tribute To An Ally]

Statement By the Freedom and Unity Front On The Death of Lt. General John Ogole is a loss to all Peace-loving Ugandans.


Fellow Ugandans,

On behalf of the leadership and the entire family of the Freedom and Unity Front, I wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the family, relatives and friends of Lt. Colonel John Charles Ogole who left us on April 30, 2014.

We mourn the passing of a true Ugandan nationalist who devoted his life to the struggle for a better Uganda.

We pray that you get the strength and resolve to overcome the pain and sorrow that has befallen you. We pray the Almighty God, who gives and takes, to bless and welcome the soul of our departed brother John Ogole.

The sad news of the death of Lt. Colonel John Ogole has robbed Uganda of a gallant soldier and patriot. 

FUF is extremely saddened to lose a senior leader of the Front. He fought a good fight and remained steady fast till the end. He was committed and unflinching in his quest for a better Uganda.

Lt. Col. Ogole has left with his head held high because he refused to surrender to the enemy until the end. His principled stand over the years, when he could have opted for an easier path, showed us the character of the man.

Comrade Ogole was among the few courageous fighters who acknowledged that a lot had gone wrong in our country and that it was important for everyone, even those who had erred in the past to come together to right those wrongs and make Uganda a better place, leading to true and meaningful national reconciliation.

To this process of reconciliation and national healing, John Ogole stands as a shining example. His principled stand to acknowledge the errors of the past and the need for all Ugandans to come together and heal the historical wounds is a stand that ensures his place in history.

Like he said in one newspaper interview: "Uganda is bigger than all of us. And everything that can bring peace and reconciliation in our country must be done irrespective of history both real and perceived. This is a historic opportunity to heal the wounds of our country. It will advance a sense of nationhood for all the People of Uganda. In the post-Museveni Uganda we will all feel that we belong."

We now, together with all freedom-loving Ugandans and friends of Uganda, must complete the fight that he left in motion. In the true spirit of Liberation Struggle, his passing must inspire the rest of us to soldier on.

To this end, Freedom and Unity Front will continue working in all ways possible, with all people of goodwill, no matter their political, religious or ideological inclinations and their historical roles - as Ogole put it, "everything that can bring peace and reconciliation in our country must be done irrespective of history both real and perceived.”

His contribution in the struggle to reconcile and heal Uganda and defeat the Yoweri Museveni dictatorship will continue to inspire and guide us all as we make our individual and collective contributions towards the liberation of our country.

And victory for all the people of Uganda will be the ultimate honor to bestow on him. 

Rest in Peace Brother in Struggle Lt. Colonel John Ogole.


Dr. Vincent Magombe

Press Secretary/ Head Publication and Media Bureau

Freedom and Unity Front



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