Gambia Army Commander Pledges "No Resistance" To Ecowas Intervention

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Yahya Jammeh--abandoned by army

Gambia's army commander has said he won't get involved in a political dispute all but assuring that there may be no armed resistance to transition of power to incoming president Adamo Barrow.

There are reports of plans to have Barrow sworn in at the Gambian embassy in Senegal with another ceremony later inside the country.

The whereabouts of Yahya Jammeh, who conceding losing the presidential election in Gambia then later reversed himself citing election "irregularities" later is unknown.

Wednesday he refused to leave the country at midnight with the president of Mauritania when his term expired.

Troops from the Economic Commission of West African States (Ecowas) had amassed on the border of neighboring Senegal ready to cross and help install Barrow the election winner. January 19 is the official inauguration date.

Meanwhile AFP quoted an official of the incoming government Isatou Touray welcoming a pledge by Ousman Badjie, Gambia's army commander that he loved his soldiers and won't risk their lives in a "stupid fight."

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