ICC Does America's Bidding And Won't Indict the Puppet Dictator Museveni

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Gen. Museveni in his element

The petition campaign to get Museveni is laudable.


But despite its penchant for adjudicating African leaders exclusively the ICC cannot take action against Gen. Yoweri Museveni, a U.S. puppet, no more than it can take action against Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

When will Museveni be forced to pay the $10 billion fine imposed on Uganda by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for looting the Congo and committing war crimes there?

I also take exception with the articles that don't mention what John McCain did in Vietnam. While bombing a helpless country from the safety of 30,000 in the air pilot McCain was shot down by enemy fire. However, he landed in a small lake with broken legs and entangled in his parachute. He was in the process of drowning when local men pulled him out of the water and hen saved him from villagers who wanted to lynch him for the terror he rained down on them.

Later when he visited he country after relations with U.S were normalized, he had the nerve to tell Vietnam officials that the wrong country won the war.

Vietnam didn't threaten the United States, then or now, which is more than obvious. He acted like a pilgrim landing in Massachusetts with a message from God but the people on the ground were terrorized by the sustained bombing raids. McCain was a quintessential imperialist who still lives in the hearts of imperial America despite the facts.

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