Madiba: Amandla Awethu

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[Mandela: Tribute]


Amandla Awethu

You slipped quietly away from this world

Taking the sun with you

The moon beam your tailgate

You slipped quietly away from this world

Leaving us in total darkness

Drowning in rivers of tears

You slipped quietly away from this world

For your day had come

Your work was done

Though nothing could have prepared us for the pain in our hearts

You were gentle giant whose tenacity crushed the evil that was apartheid

Where many are blinded by greed for power and the plunder of our nation’s resources

You yearned for a world where all people were equal

You reminded us that poverty was man made

You had been an exemplary leader

An epitome of democracy and the rule of law

An emblem of peace and reconciliation

It is your words that helped erase the memories of a street littered by the dead

It is your words that silenced the sounds ringing in my ears of bullets in Soweto

Because of you I can embrace all the colors of the rainbowYou slipped quietly away from this world

Free at last

At last you are free

Travel in majesty


Travel in Power

Amandla Awethu

Amandla Awethu

Amandla Awethu



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