Mandate Expires for Congo's Dictator Joseph Kabila

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Congo's dictator Kabila--man with no mandate

Congo's Youth To Answer Historic Call

Monday was the last day of Joseph Kabila's tenure as president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) per the country's Constitution.

However, Mr. Kabila has shown no signs of stepping down. In fact, he seeks to remain in power by any means necessary including unleashing his lethal security forces on innocent civilians.

Friends of Congo's UK Representative Ms. Francine Mukwaya says "Midnight yesterday, it was official, Joseph Kabila is no president of the D.R. Congo per our Constitution."

Leading up to December 19th, the Kabila regime has disappeared youth, arrested and driven political opponents into exile, deployed police and military throughout the country to intimidate civilians, shut down media and Sunday night blocked social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

"In spite of efforts by the Kabila regime to curb or cut off communication, the youth are ready to leverage the various technology tools at their disposal to assure that they remain in contact with each other while getting their stories out to the world about their efforts to bring about lasting change in the Congo," says Friends of the Congo Spokesperson, Mr. Kambale Musavuli.

Even with the increased repressive measures, the population, especially the youth are determined to rid themselves of a system and a regime that has demonstrated little respect for the country's laws and great disdain for the people.

Kabila's government has delivered little in regard to employment, health, education, and security, especially in the Beni territory where the population are victims of incessant lethal attacks and assassinations.

Congolese youth leader and Coordinator of Quatrième Voie, Mr. Jean-Marie Kalonji, who was arrested and tortured by the Kabila regime for organizing Congolese youth, says: "It is time for Mr. Kabila to go. The Congolese youth are ready to pay whatever price is necessary to make Mr. Kabila respect the country's Constitution."

Due to what the Congolese people face daily, the youth are resolute about bringing about fundamental change in the country. Mr. Sylva Mbikayi of Quatrième Voie says "if the misery continues, it is because we allow a leadership and system to perpetuate our suffering. We must bring an end to it."

The youth's aim is not merely to rid themselves of the Kabila regime and the feckless political class but to create a new political culture where leaders prioritize the needs and aspirations of the people over their personal needs and those of external powers.

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