Moronic: Uganda Official Says Women In Mini-Skirts Are Asking To Be Raped

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Kibuule, right, shown with his boss Museveni -- moronic comments 

[Commentary: Global]

Rape is not a joking matter. Recall the poor victim in India who was gang-raped and killed last December.

Now in Uganda, the junior minister for youth, the so-called "honorable" Ronald Kibuule caused outrage in the East African nation last Saturday when he said no arrests should be made if an "indecently" dressed woman is raped.

Yes, this is what an official in the government of President Yoweri Museveni believes.

In his opinion, a woman is indecently-dressed enough for rape if she is wearing a miniskirt, a bikini and tight jeans. As if this was not bad enough, he went on to say: "I have told the police chief, don’t listen to anyone who comes to report rape wearing a mini skirt, the intention was what, 'why don’t you rape me?'"

Since this imbecilic utterances advocating rape, it is shocking and disappointing to learn that there are those who agree with the "honorable" minister’s assertion for the purposes of preserving our "culture, norms and values." I agree that the dress code of some of our women and in particular our youths leave much to be desired. In fact, one could bluntly put it as downright "trashy."

Still, it is wholly inhumane and reprehensible for anyone, let alone a minister in a government who supposedly represents the largest segment of the population in Uganda, the youth, to advocate that they be raped -- or that if they were to be raped, they should be blamed because of what they were wearing.

Then again, Kibuule belongs to the same ruling party that introduced the so-called "kill the gays" bill. In that sense perhaps he sees rape as "humane"?

Victims of rape experience severe feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. Some will turn to substance abuse, drugs or alcohol as a mechanism of coping.

As society attributes blame to them because of what they were wearing, or whether or not they had consumed alcohol, these victims in turn begin to blame themselves to inflict physical pain on themselves. Depression, sleeping and eating disorders, flashbacks of the attack making normalcy an almost virtual impossibility.

In extreme cases, rape victims have taken their own lives, being unable to reconcile with the shame, shock, self loathing and a general feeling of worthlessness. How can a human being wish for this on another? Sex should be given freely, whether in an environment of love and intimacy or a business transaction; but it should be appropriate and consensual.

In my opinion, rape and dress code have minimal links. Consider the high percentage of rapes in a country like India where the women dress conservatively. How would the "honorable" Ugandan minister explain this?

Is Kibuule suggesting that men are at the mercy of their testosterone and any viewing of flesh renders them victims as they are then compelled to rape? Isn’t such portrayal of men as beings with uncontrollable sexual urges demeaning? Where is the outcry from our men; if only in defense of such portrayal of themselves?

Where is the public outcry from the president of the Republic of Uganda? Where is the public outcry and demand for resignation from Janet Museveni the first lady of the Republic of Uganda? Does their silence mean they hold the same backward views?

What will Kibuule advocate next; that the women with the "offensive dress code" be stoned in public at Constitutional Square? Rape is an act of aggression against the person -- the intention has nothing to do with sexual gratification. It has long been established that rape is about exerting violence, power, control and fear upon the victim.

Rape is about disrespect and control.

What our young women and youth need is education in self-respect and not condemnation to such a heinous crime. Whereas a woman has the right to wear what she wants to wear, we must have regard to decency. A woman need not wear a skirt so short that it does not reach the leg joint and on top of that have no underwear in order to feel beautiful or to attract a mate -- not a rapist.

Where are the mothers and aunties, who are an invaluable source of education for the female gender in our cultures? If I were a psychologist, I would be asking myself why these young women and youths need to dress and behave the way that they do. Some of the more conservative women have referred to the women in offensive clothing as "female vampires" and "sex pests."

Is there a deeper psychological explanation than meets the eye, just as there are many reasons that lead men to rape women? Is it inconceivable to think that there could be many underlying causes to such provocative dress code and conduct? One of the most common psychological explanations for such provocative attire is low self-esteem. That such dress code is designed to seek validation and make the woman feel good.

This brings into question the mindset of the "honorable" minister Kibuule. Is he a sadist? Does he consider women to be human beings? Does he consider women to be inferior beings, which incidentally is one of the causes of rape?

Is he a misogynist, again another reason for rape? Other causes include but are not limited to:

Rejection --that is by overpowering someone from the opposite sex, a man can feel relieved of the shame of his own rejection, this is usually the rape of someone who looks like the person who rejected the rapist.

Feeling superior to women -- when some men fall prey to low self-esteem, they therefore find another way of feeling superior, and instead of building up their self esteem and confidence, they rape.

Expression of power -- the will and desire to dominate sexually and proclaim their manhood.

So since he advocates for rape of a woman he considers indecently dressed, would the "honorable" minister even be willing to commit the rape himself? Speaker of Uganda's Parliament, a female, Rebecca Kadaaga, has called for Kibuule to explain his remarks.

Women rights activists and the youth are calling for the resignation of Ronald Kibuule.

With the memory of the horrors of the India rape victim, and the many ones that are never reported, reasonable-minded citizens from all over the world should also demand for Kibuule to go.


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