Uganda: Dictator Museveni's Crocodile Tears for Musician Mozey Radio

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Mozey Radio. Photo: Facebook

[Commentary From Stella Nyanzi's Facebook Page]

The following commentary on the recent death of 35-year old musical artiste Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo, a.k.a. Mozey Radio, was posted by Ugandan academic Stella Nyanzi on her Facebook page.

For thirty-three years of Mozey Radio's life, dictator Museveni only paid lip service to the health services of Uganda. For thirty-three years, the emergency health services, and the specialised health services of this country were a death-trap for the poor because Musevenism instilled a culture of flying the rich abroad to buy health care. And then Mozey Radio died! The foolish dictator, as if bewitched, paid thirty million shilings [$8,400] to a failed health system to try and buy Radio's health back through the very health services neglected for years. Museveni's wanton patronage kills painfully!

For thirty-three years of Mozey Radio's life, Katongole remained silent about his alleged faherhood of this child. Just like the other emasculated men living under Museveni's reign of terror, Katongole neglected his role as father and mentor. But when Radio died a famous musician, this shameless man claimed him as a son befitting a burial in the ancestral graveyard! Being a man in Museveni's Uganda is greatly a curse: poverty, hopelessness, resignation, and lawlessness have reduced responsible masculinity to the core. Museveni's toxic leadership has bashed the balls of the men in our land.

For thirty-three years of Mozey Radio's life, the church was silent about the lifestyle of Uganda's musicians and celebs. Religious leaders happily neglected the extravagances, debauchery, violence and lawlessness of our musicians. Their baskets gladly received the tithes and offerings of our musicians, but totally ignored ministering to their everyday needs.

But as Mozey Radio lay stone-cold and still in his beautiful casket, the Reverend Father shamelessly pounded away about his sinful life full of violence. Being a (religious) leader in Museveni's Uganda is a mockery to the gods! Museveni's excellent example of pure misgovernance through neglect has even stained the priesthood.

In his death, Mozey Radio has shone a light upon the failed leadership running throughout the fabric of Ugandan society. The rot in Museveni's Uganda runs so deep that having failed to bribe the failing healthcare system to resuscitate Radio, dictator Museveni vomitted another eighty million shillings [$22,400] the vigil and funeral costs.

Clearly, Museveni is a thieving cow-herdsman. How else would he finance this ostentatious patronage? The dictators steal from the national [coffers] to oil systems of patronage. Men with nowhere to steal, neglect their sons until death. And in our deaths, the merciless priesthood is dooming us all to hell.

Uganda is a burning furnace!

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