Ugandan General Newly-Returned From "Exile" Visits Imprisoned Aides

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General Sejusa visits imprisoned aides and other prisoners in Kigo prison


The Chairman of Free Uganda, General David Sejusa, has visited his former aides and other former military and security operatives who have been languishing in Kigo prison since May 2013 after being falsely accused of taking part in various anti-regime activities.

General Sejusa who visited the prisoners on 24th December 2014, is due to visit another group of military and security servicemen who are currently held at Makindye military prison.

Free Uganda is very concerned about the fate and well-being of these innocent citizens, whose constitutional rights are being nakedly violated by the regime, and, henceforth, demands that the government releases them immediately and unconditionally.

Free Uganda wishes to remind the government that it is these types of human rights violations which are making Ugandans to stand up and reclaim their rights as citizens.

Politically motivated persecutions, arbitrary arrests of innocent citizens and wanton violations of a People’s human rights should have no place in a modern society.

Free Uganda will continue campaigning for these innocent prisoners, and for all other Ugandan citizens whose rights and freedoms are being violated across the country.


Statement issued by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Press Secretary, Free Uganda Team

26 December 2014 

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