Ugandan Women Continue Resisting Armed Land-Grab by Madhvani Co. And Dictator Museveni

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Mayur Madhvani, company managing director with Gen. Museveni

As Kenya's supreme court shows the country's democratic credentials to the world by ordering a new vote after a disputed presidential election in neighboring Uganda its dictator is engaged in armed land-grab against his own citizens.

The reactionary U.S.-supported dictator of 31 years now, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, continues to use his American-trained and equipped army to land-grab from poor rural farmers on behalf of multinational corporations including the Madhvani Group.

The well-connected Madhvani Group got a $60 million loan from the World Bank in 1982, as a sign of its global clout. This internationally financed Ugandan-based powerful company has so much influence over dictator Museveni that the country's national army is being used to crush resistance from rural farmers who don't want to sell their land to Madhvani.

The company wants to create a sugar plantation and to build a factory; farmers in Amuru region oppose this. In desperation, elderly unarmed women, facing armed security forces, have stripped naked in order to protest this onslaught -- they fear that they and their children will be thrown from their land into certain starvation. The land is their only source of livelihood.

It's wrong for a powerful internationally-financed private company, in alliance with a ruthless dictator whose regime gets $750 million annually from the U.S., to deploy armed forces in a private land dispute.

The corrupt dictator has become Africa's Mobutu of the 21st century --suppressing the citizens while plundering the country's resources.

Please sign and share the petition calling for a halt to land-grab for powerful multinationals from poor farmers in Uganda by U.S.-backed dictator Museveni and the company Madhvani Group.

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