World Bank, U.N., and I.M.F are Tools of U.S. Foreign Policy

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With respect to the commentary "World Bank's and other International Donors' Roles in Museveni's Destruction of Uganda's Economy," the major international financial institutions such as the international Monetary Fund and World Bank are arms of the United States Treasury.

As such they are proxies for the policies of the American government.

Just like the United Nations the IMF and World Bank are carrying out policies consistent with U.S. interests. All of these groups were founded by the American government to act as fig leafs for actions it didn't want to take direct responsibility for.

For example the United States didn't want to openly occupy Haiti for the last 13 years so it used the U.N. as a cover and front. If the public pays more attention it will soon learn that these high sounding organizations aren't what they seem to be.

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