Lessons From Mexico: You Can Kill Reporters So Long As Country Is Good For Investors

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President Enrique Peña Nieto-- What's good for U.S. isn't necessarily good for Mexico 

Regarding the article "Investigate Murder of Mexican Crime Reporter" -- the crimes committed by Mexican authorities against its own people would not be tolerated if done by Zimbabwe, Cuba,Venezuela or Bolivia.

Furthermore Mexico is the the most dangerous country in the world after Iraq for journalists. Why the exception? Number one the United States only criticizes countries that don't follow the Washingotn Consensus. Any country that allows U.S. banks and financial institutions to do what ever they want will never be condemned for anything they do regardless of how ugly it may be.

Any country that is safe for U.S. investors will never get bad press from the major media outlets in America. Approximately half of Mexican territory is considered "unsafe" by the U.S. Department of State which issues travel warnings to its citizens traveling abroad. So why isn't the Mexican government condemned? Because the Mexican ruling class has sheepishly followed American policies without considering the negative effects they cause.

For the last 30 years the Mexican working class has suffered a tremendous decrease in the purchasing power of salaries and wages. This impoverishment of the people has caused a great increase in crime and social instability which will continue until a new course is followed by Mexican leaders.

The murder of four journalists (killing the messengers of truth) in the last month is only one result of the stubborn following of Washington dictated policies. 

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