Okumu Reagan addressing the Press at NUMEC Media Centre in Gulu Uganda
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[Africa: Elections 2016]

By John Muto-Ono p’Lajur

8th July 2015.

The Acting President of Uganda’s main opposition political party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Mr. Ronald Reagan Okumu, has warned his colleagues to be security conscious and not to use microphone given to them during public meetings. He said such microphones are laden with poisonous gas that will eventually kill them. (Many prominent Ugandans perceived to have fallen out with the regime have in the past died under mysterious circumstances).

Mr. Okumu, who is Chairman of Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) and Member of Parliament for Aswa County in Gulu district, sounded the warning on Sunday, 4th July 2015, during a Press briefing with members of the Gulu based Northern Uganda Media Club (NUMEC) at their offices.

Mr. Okumu will be Acting President of FDC party for two months during the time the substantive President, Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu, is campaigning to be the party’s flag-bearer to compete with Museveni in next year’s election.

Nomination for Presidency will be held on Wednesday, 14th October 2015. The NRM party of President Museveni, have already declared him the sole presidential flag bearer, although former Prime Minister, John Patrict Amama Mbabazi (JPAM), is defying his party’s position. There are reports of demonstrations across the country by supporters of Museveni against JPAM's candidature on NRM ticket.

The opposition parties want to elect one candidate by consensus to face Museveni, who will have ruled Uganda for thirty years uninterrupted, from among the different Presidential flag bearers of the different parties. They call that alliance, The Democratic Alliance (TDA). FDC is the largest opposition party in Uganda, second only to NRM of Museveni.

“They have imported microphones, which emit poisonous gases. If you allow yourself to use them, you will develop cough that will kill you in the long run. They will puncture you,” Okumu claimed.

Mr. Okumu said he has ever received copies of intelligence reports for Museveni from concerned members of his operatives in Internal Security Organization (ISO), External Security Organization (ESO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

“How can ISO, ESO or CMI write Intelligence briefs on politics? That is not their work. Let the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party write its own briefs. Even from within these organizations, some of them do not believe in the briefs.”

He warned his colleagues in the opposition parties to be careful of waiters and waitresses in big hotels since many of the girls have been recruited as agents who can kill opposition politicians by poisoning their food, drink. He warned them against moving at late hours in the night during this charged political climate because they will be gunned down and killed.

“You have to be careful of where you eat, drink or even the time that you move at night. When you get problem like that, you should expose them by reporting to the same State Machinery. I cannot talk about phone tapping because that is now the order of the day,” he added.

He said Museveni is using three methods of winning support from the electorates. The first is by luring supporters whereby they offer large sums of money to buy loyalty. The second method is by imposing heavy taxes to the business community who are considered sympathetic to the opposition to cripple their businesses and the third method is by elimination through killings.

“In this election, you are going to see money. It will affect the Economy. More than half of our money will go. Don’t be surprised if we shall exchange Uganda shillings to a dollar at four thousand shillings”.

He welcomed former Prime Minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s decision for coming forward to compete with President Museveni as an aspirant for the flag bearer of the NRM party in next year’s election.

“If we can cause change within NRM, then we shall all be comfortable”.

In a related development, several politicians aspiring to stand for election in next year’s general election turned up for blessings at Taks Center in Gulu on Saturday, 4th July 2015. The prayer was organized by the National Fellowship of Born Again Churches Uganda dubbed “Prayer for Campaigns and Election 2015-2016”.

The prayer attracted at least three Members of Parliament, namely: Mrs. Betty Aol Ocan (Gulu district Woman MP), Mr. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak) and Mr. Christopher Acire (Gulu Municipality).

Almost all the people who spoke during the prayer meeting warned voters against votingfor politicians who come to buy their votes, accepting cheap alcohol (waragi) or consulting with-doctors for charms.

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