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Hon. Lyandro Komakech in pensive mood


The Electoral Commission has failed to make consultation with key stakeholders to get their views on Presidential and Parliamentary election road map. Opposition political parties believe it will give a upper hand to Mr. Museveni.



GULU-UGANDA:Mr. Lyandre Komakech, the Member of Parliament for Gulu Municipality has faulted the Chairman of Electorate Commission for downplaying the role of the opposition in exploring what can be done between now and September to December 2020.


“The first thing the Electoral Commission should have done was to internalized the process and come out with clear guidelines on how election is going to be conducted.


“As a supreme body, Uganda Electoral Commission is aware that the constitution gives up to the end of February 2021 for presidential polls to take place. The present era of COVID-19 pandemic came with a lot of burden and its unprecedented. That has put the whole world into fears. Based on this, it is candid for the electoral commission to find better ways to see how election should have been undertaken. There was need to start the process with regional consultations other than coming up with their own ideology and imposing it on the populace”.


“It is very bad that the Electoral Commission went to meet the president who is also a candidate and made up their minds without consulting other Opposition Parties”


“Electoral Commission is a problem and, in this regards, there is need for new electoral law. We need to amend the current laws governing elections, and the amendment should include the constitution. Iy must bring on board the issue of EC consultations with all political parties.


“And therefore, his tenure in office should have been used to correct the past wrong. The current preparation of EC that should hold scientific election is not only a fallacy, but a complete scam because no consultation with other key stakeholders has been done apart from the president who is lumping his selfish interest on all of us.


“No political parties were consulted. The process is going to be fraudulent. Not all households in Uganda have the Television or Radio set. Not all Ugandans have internet services.


“Therefore, the election should not be scientific election. What does this mean? That all the voters will vote through internet, using smart phones? Most Ugandans are not still using analog.


The unanswered Question:


“Uganda dictator Museveni is an opportunist. In 2001 Ugandans thought he would go because the western world was against him, but after the 9th November 2001 USA Twin tower terrorist bombing, he became a ‘beacon of hope’ in fighting terrorism.


In 2009 terrorists bombed Kampala and this coincided with the return of Dr. Ambassador Olara Otunnu who came to contest in the 2011 presidential polls. And now again, COVID-19 stroke when all Uganda and the world thought Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Winne, the People’s Power President came and threw his hat in the ring to challenge Mr. Musevenu in the election. The world is watching. Will Kyagulanyi kick him out of the throne?


“The important thing we need from the Electoral Commission is to guarantee ‘free and fair election’ in 2021 presidential poll. That would be the best chance to remove Uganda despotic leader. But as long as Museveni is still a referee, a coach and a player in the arena, there will be no way to remove him from power.


“The most important things for the opposition is to explore what should be done right now to defeat the status quo. We can still wait until September and December 2020 to see what will be done for the majority who are yearning for change.


“However, this is the best time to access what the Democratic Party (DP) proposed in 1980 of a new political system that Uganda could rally with to the coffers of true democracy.


“This could allow political parties to participate more, because voters would vote programs of the parties, not individual. The party that will win with bigger percentages while giving a reform program for the government.


“All participation in government would be based on percentages outcome of election result and parties would nominate leader including MPs, Councilors and president based on percentages of the result. That would be scientific.


“For me, instead of scientific election, Uganda would rather think of changing political systems to allow proportional presentation”.

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