Invisible Children: Jason Russell, Kony 2012 Director's Bizarre Website -- Stuck $5 bill in his kid's rear

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Disturbing image on Jason Russell's website is of a $5 bill wedged in between the buttock cheeks of his naked young son. Caption reads: “Owen: there are A LOT more illegal things. Love Gavin's buns.”

[Black Star News Editorial]

Disturbing Child Abuse And Riefenstahl-Imagery

The director of the viral propaganda video "Kony 2012", Jason Russell of Invisible Children, created a personal website soliciting donations and it included a photo that can only be characterized as engaging in child abuse. The website was created using Tumblr with
the title “Mail Me Mo Money” The site shows that Russell engaged in
very bizarre behavior long before his alleged "meltdown" from
"exhaustion" earlier this year when he was detained after he appeared
naked on the street and also reportedly engaged in public masturbation.

This site was created a year ago; well before Invisible Children launched "Kony 2012."
The website was live until yesterday; more on that shortly. The
statement on the website asking for money to be mailed to Russell's San
Diego home address read:

I'm taking all the power back by growing a
stash this November. At the same time I am testing whether Social
Networks are viable tools for fundraising. It's this simple:

 Mail Me
Money $1.00 or more to 
1672 Emerald Street #5 
San Diego, CA 92109. 

Put a
Post-it on the Bill, or fold it Origami style, or draw a gnarly Mo
Washington's face.

 I will take a pic with your 
dolla dolla bill and post it on this BLOG. It's super simple... the hardest part is getting a stamp.

Several of the pictures on the site feature Jason's son
Gavin who was also a focus of “
Kony 2012”. On one level the website can be seen as a harmless and playful attempt at “cyberbegging”. However there are a few images that are disturbing.

of the images is of Jason Russell with what he describes as a “Charlie
Chaplin” moustache. The image is eerily similar to Adolf
Hitler. The stare; the hair; and, of course, the moustache. You be the judge.


Children seems to have a fascination with Nazi-like imagery and
strategies. Consider the images of masses of young people with fists
raised in unison that the organization has employed in its past videos
and in "Kony 2012." Sometimes the young people are dressed in matching
T-shirts; and in uniforms. This type of display is a page reminiscent
of the Hitler Youth
movement and some of the imagery favored by the late Leni Riefenstahl's
1936 Olympia.

Invisible Children’s world-changing “club” or "youth camp" is called the
“Fourth Estate” and includes a symbolic logo. It reminds anyone familiar
with history of Hitler’s Third Reich and the swastika.

Hitler was
also prominently featured on one of the posters created by Invisible
Children for the organization’s “Cover The Night” campaign that was held
on April 20, 2012 around the world. April 20 is also Adolph Hitler’s birthday. Coincidence?

The date is
viewed as a holiday by White supremacists around the world. The “Cover
the Night” campaign was a complete flop. Perhaps the outrage with
Invisible Children's war-mongering, it's relations with the brutal Ugandan regime, and the negative reaction to "
Kony 2012" within Uganda by ordinary people had something to do with this.

extremely disturbing image on Jason Russell's website is of a $5 bill wedged
in between the buttock cheeks of a naked small child. The caption
reads: “Owen: there are A LOT more illegal things. Love Gavin's buns.”

Gavin is presumably Jason Russell’s son, who also appeared in "Kony 2012."
If this isn't a pattern of abuse, then we don't know what child
exploitation to solicit money is; that has been one of the criticisms of
Kony 2012”. While this
bizarre use of his son may not be illegal, it should strike any decent
person as being highly unethical and deserving of investigation by a
Child Welfare Agency.

There have been repeated lapses of judgment in
the leadership of Invisible Children.

This organization has not been
held accountable for many of its actions, including revelations first
made by The Black Star News that it spied on behalf of the brutal Ugandan
regime of Gen. 
Yoweri Museveni, as exposed in U.S. embassy memos posted by Wikileaks.

These are the people influencing young and impressionable minds with their antics and behavior.
Jason Russell's website at was available for public viewing as of May 4, 2012. Within 24 hours of the website's link being posted on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it was taken down.

is no coincidence. Invisible Children may be in damage control to
protect themselves from potential legal actions. The organization has never
responded to The Black Star News' questions sent at the time we revealed
its disturbing relations with the Ugandan regime. This is not how
complex global challenges are solved. Transparency is vital to any
organization or business seeking to build a better world. We still to hope to hear from Invisible Children's CEO,
Ben Keesey. Russell and Keesey are both directors of Invisible Children.


Children plans an appearance at the United Nations in June. We hope the
U.N. poses some of the questions we've raised to the organization before
Invisible Children is granted this podium generally reserved for Heads
of State. While Invisible Children may think it can continue to ignore
inquiries from The Black Star News, as more concerned individuals continue to raise questions, sooner or later, they will have to respond directly: not on their website or through new viral videos. Their arrogance and contempt will catch up -- there are many other issues this newspaper is still looking into.

Seperately, one group has now started a petition drive to counter Invisible Children's planned United Nations appearance.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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