Maduro Says Chavez Wants Improved Relations With U.S.

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Maduro said rapprochement would be “set on the basis of mutual respect and equal conditions with the United States.”

[Global: Venezuela]

Venezuela is following up on "clear instructions to top officials" from President Hugo Chavez about his government's "willingness to improve relations with the government of the United States of America" says Vice President Nicolás Maduro.

“President Chávez has given us precise instructions that have been relayed to the new foreign minister, Elías Jaua, that we are always willing to have better relations with the government of the United States,” Maduro said, during an interview with Spanish press agency EFE.

He said a rapprochement would be “set on the basis of mutual respect and equal conditions with the United States.”

President Chavez remains in Cuba where he's being treated following cancer surgery. His condition remains "delicate" say Venezuela officials. Chavez was not able to attend his inauguration in Caracas.

“We have always said that sooner rather than later the elites who rule the United States, the elites of the media and military industrial apparatus and its different governments, should learn to recognize the new independence experienced in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Maduro said, in the interview.  
Maduro added that “this should lead to a new type of relations based on respect, because Latin America and the Caribbean is not the backyard of U.S. elites. Latin America has taken its own path in terms of the economy, politics, in reappraising our glorious founders, in terms of culture and education.”
The Vice president added that the peoples of Latin America “have our own identity that has allowed us to form the Union of South American Nations, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas, and Petrocaribe. This is now a reality, and within that framework we have always been willing to have good relations with the United States.”
Vice President Maduro also said: “Sooner rather than later, humanity will see a decline in the hegemonic power of U.S. elites. The world that is coming will be a multipolar, pluripolar world of respect for the countries of the South, for democracy and for life.”

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