OECS’ “A Dose of The Facts” Tackles COVID Misinformation

(OECS) came together to deliver “A Dose of the Facts”
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Thursday, September 30, 2021 — Amid rising cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths, and in response to the slow uptake of available vaccines, the Member States of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) came together to deliver “A Dose of the Facts” – a 60 minute production that featured live discussions with regional health professionals and COVID-19 survivors.

The joint simulcast, organised by the OECS Government Information Service (GIS) Network, formally the OECS Communication and Information Group, was the first of its kind in the subregion and sought to provide clarity on COVID-19 vaccines: how they work, possible risks, and protection rates.

Featured speakers on the one-hour programme included:

Hosted by Garfield Burford of the ABS Television and Radio, Antigua and Barbuda, the simulcast provided an opportunity for frank discussion with regional medical officials and frontline workers in the battle against COVID-19, presenting unvarnished facts on the impact of the vaccines on transmission, hospitalisations and deaths.

The production also provided a unique opportunity to highlight testimonials from COVID-19 survivors within the region.

The joint simulcast premiered on Sunday, 26 September and was broadcast on GIS social media platforms and television channels across the OECS. The broadcast was also carried via several private media channels.

View a replay of the Joint Simulcast here.

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