US Ignores Sudan Genocide

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What I suspect is Bush is waiting for Sudan’s Black population to be drastically reduced—in other words, not enough Blacks have been slaughtered—and then he will send in US troops to the rescue, to eventually secure the oil fields.


You ever get the feeling that if the non-Arab Sudanese were white, the Bush Administration would have stopped the rapes and killings in southern Sudan long ago? Well of course you do.

While this is going on, in the Arab north the unthinkable is taking place. That’s right, peace and tranquility. Good jobs, roads and bridges being built, utility plants, auto dealerships, soda manufacturers, malls and a Wal-Mart-sized shopping center called the Hypermarket are suddenly becoming a reality, where no such thing existed on that barren land before.

Even the intense heat from the African sun is no longer a factor. Actual outdoor air conditioners battle the 100 plus temperatures around the clock. An ethnic disparity greater than South Africa’s is actively taking place even as you read this. Who or what specifically are the forces behind these efforts? Who is being allowed to trample over the land of Africa’s oldest people? Follow the oil-slick. 

Two recent reports have focused on the fortunes and misfortunes dividing Sudan economically, politically, racially and religiously. First of all, Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has been on an “infrastructure binge� according to a 10/24/06 report by Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times. 

Meanwhile away from the trappings of wealth, in much of Africa’s largest country, they are inching towards another Rwandan-like massacre, and it’s no accident. If you feel Bush is somehow in collusion with Muslim Sudanese terrorism while concurrently waging an open war against what he considers terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, understand that America is hurting the worst because of their embargo, but China, Malaysia, India, and even the United Arab Emirates have all lined up to reap the benefits of the half-billion barrels of Sudanese crude oil production per day.

Couple that with northern Sudan turning back 25,000 UN troops from entering southern Sudan’s most troubled area; the Darfur region and I say Mr. al-Bashir has become increasingly arrogant. Especially since the death of Colonel John Garang who had been installed vice president of the Sudanese government, and black Sudanese rebel leader. And why shouldn’t he be arrogant, there is no real pressure coming from the world’s foremost superpower the United States.

So today we have absurd situations in Sudan where Black women continue to be raped, and imprisoned if they become pregnant, and a high ranking Black female US official like Condoleezza Rice is pushing for the international community to act, instead of advocating for a quick US intervention.

US reluctance to help the rebels is not surprising once you realize the Bush administration is still patting itself on the back for finally calling those long-tenured atrocities “genocide� back in 9/9/04. I remember a time when Bush sent troops into Iraq without needing the approval of the UN.

What I suspect is Bush is waiting for Sudan’s Black population to be drastically reduced—in other words, not enough Blacks have been slaughtered—and then he will send in US troops to the rescue, to eventually secure the oil fields. 
An earlier New York Times report by Lydia Polgreen shows whom al-Bashir is using to speed up this racial cleansing.
According to Polgreen, the rebels are complaining that most of the soldiers al-Bashir sends to fight them are Black. I take it most of the Arab government troops 600 miles north are busy having a good time: “You see, they send black men to kill black men. We are waiting for them to send Arabs for a real fight… They are black people, they are our brothers,� stated Haroun Abdullah Kabir.

It’s also their oil. Most city papers omit the Arab north has refineries, and extract oil from the south via a 1,000 mile pipeline.

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