Health and Fitness: No More Excuses--Owning it is Sexy

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[Health: Commentary]

I encourage everyone to be whoever they are and whoever they want to be. We all have different preferences on our choices for nutrition to activities.  We have reasons for “why” we do what we do, and there is no wrong reason.

My “why” is to feel good, and to ensure that I am strong and conditioned to handle any of life’s activities. I work out as often as possible. What does that mean? I work out three to four days each week because it makes me better at everything else I do. I feel energized, clear-headed and can tear through any challenge at work or in my personal life. I feel strong and empowered—and, I sleep better.

How do you own it? Start by writing your goals every morning, or at night before you go to bed. Then ask yourself, why you want to achieve those goals? State your “why": Do it. Now. Write it down (I’ll wait for you). Own it.

Next, think through and write down a tactical plan to get there. Depending on you and your “why,” maybe this isn’t needed. If you’re just winging it and happy, then great! If not, or writing a tactical plan seems too overwhelming with all your other responsibilities, carve out time for you to do this for yourself. That’s a great step in the right direction. it’s time to own your life. You’re in control. It’s about making it a priority. No more blaming or making excuses. Own it.

If you wrote down your goals, then break it down to smaller steps to help you reach your goal. When will you cook a big batch of healthy food to have on hand for the week?  What ingredients and kitchen tools do you need to cook at home? When will you go to the grocery store? When will you make time to work out? Basically, when will you make the time to make your goals your priority?

Having been a personal trainer for years, my go-to rule of thumb for anyone just getting started in “owning it” is to start now and plan to work out hard three days this upcoming week. Then see how much rest your body feels like it needs. Feel it out. If you get three good days of exercise in, that’s an amazing foundation.  If you’re just starting out, you may be sore. Embrace the soreness, and don’t push through it. Your body is telling you to back off. Your muscles are trying to grow stronger so it needs to rest.

The Internet is a great resource to learn about nutrition and find exercises that work for you. I highly recommend any of Kelly Starrett’s and Ashley Kelly’s work to learn how to safely and effectively perform exercises.

If learning from scratch, or going it alone is overwhelming or ineffective, you can get assistance. Owning it also means that you are strong enough to ask for help.  That’s why BACH exists. It’s an agency of private trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors and nutritionists that can meet you when you have time, and where it is convenient for you. Convenience, consistency, knowledge, accountability and tailoring a plan to you with your unique lifestyle or limitations, that is what BACH does for its clients.

You can do it. It’s about choosing to do it, and making yourself a top priority. Really, you have to honestly choose to own your decisions and actions. Go get it! It’s yours to take!

About The Author: Joe Bach is Founder and CEO of BACH. Previously, he was an equity investor and investment manager for GE Capital and The Carlyle Group. Merging what he learned from the finance and investing industry with his personal interests in wellness, Joe began to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and also became a personal trainer in 2014. He grew his book of business for private training to the point that he needed to subcontract peers to help service the overflow of clients, and that is the origin of the company that is now called BACH. He launched Mobile Fitness Group in 2015, and in 2018 he rebranded Mobile Fitness Group to BACH as a luxury concierge fitness company. 

BACH is a luxury brand of concierge fitness that matches clients to their ideal private trainer, yogi, Pilates instructor or nutritionist to meet them in their home city and beyond. Meet the BACH team of experts at, and on Instagram and Facebook







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