Why Wesley Snipes Loves Capoeira

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Wesley Snipes

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Capoeira is a unique form of martial arts, which combines fighting, dance, tactics and strategy against a soundtrack of beautiful rhythms. Though it is uncertain exactly when Capoeira originally started, it is generally accepted that its origins lie with enslaved Africans who lived in Bahia, on the east coast of Brazil, who disguised the martial art as a dance.

This mesmerizing performance is now practiced all over the world, with accomplished martial artists such as Wesley Snipes shining a light on the sport. There are many health benefits of practicing Capoeira, such as flexibility, balance, stamina and fitness, but what about the benefits for your mind? Practicing Capoeira means engaging the whole body in routine moves which flow seamlessly from one to the other, this improves memory function as well as boosting hand and eye co-ordination. Trying anything new can do wonders for self-esteem, but Capoeira particularly centers on the building of confidence as you push your body to new limits while keeping your mind sharp and focused. Practicing with other people also encourages the development of confidence as you build trust and assurance in your interactions with them.

It is believed that practicing a moving meditation such as Capoeira can actually fire up the creative parts of your brain which can filter through to all other aspects of your life. If you find you have reached a creative block elsewhere in your life, practicing this movement may help you to find an alternative route forwards. It has been widely reported that undertaking activities which encourage self-expression can help to beat burnout from the daily grind.

Skilled practitioners are able to reflect their self-expression through the dance element of Capoeira. With so many people turning to meditation as a way to wind down, practicing a moving meditation such as Capoeira is a great way to get both your mind and body working towards a state of calm. Combining exercise like Capoeira with meditation can actually help change the wiring of the brain to improve concentration and reduce anxiety.

Capoeiristas are known for their quick reactions, developed from memorizing routines and training their bodies, which has led some to draw interesting and unexpected links between skills needed for Capoeira and "mind" sports such as poker. So what are you waiting for? Check out your local gym for classes or head over to YouTube to see Mr. Snipes in action.

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