The Most Important Attributes Of A Good Care Home

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A care home should essentially act as your "second home"– somewhere where you feel comfortable and content with your surroundings, and are happy and feel supported every day.

Looking for a reputable care home that offers a high standard of care is essential for each resident’s wellbeing. Therefore, whether you’re looking for care homes in Rugby, or you’re located further up North, these are the care home attributes that you’ll want to be looking out for.

A Polished Manager: When looking for a care home suitable for your elderly relative, a good place to start would be inspecting the manager and their personality. The manager of a care home needs to possess several crucial qualities in order to provide a facility that makes residents feel welcome and comfortable. Leadership is essential, as is confidence and enthusiasm to provide a high standard of care for each individual resident.

A Community Of People: A care home isn’t just a place to tend to residents, but instead it’s a thriving community where resident can make friends not only with other residents, but with the carers themselves, too. Rather than focusing on institutional aspects of a care home, a good establishment should put a large focus on the people and the community that’s been built in the care home, zooming in on the communal aspects of the residency instead.

Support For Relatives: While a large focus is placed on the residents and their individual personalities, a reputable care home will also focus on the relatives of these residents, offering them undying support to ensure they’re happy with the care home and that they have someone to confide in should they find it difficult to come to terms with things initially. Ultimately, a good care home will make relatives feel confident, knowing that their elderly relative is receiving the high standard of care that they need.

Interest In Residents’ Backgrounds: A high standard of care can’t be provided in care homes without any knowledge behind their residents! Therefore, if you’re trying to find an exceptional care home, find out whether or not they go out of their way to discover the likes and dislikes of their residents, as this will allow them to tailor their care to each individual to make their stay a pleasant one. Plus, with insights into what their residents enjoy, carers are then able to organise group events to bring the community even closer together over something they mutually love.

Work Closely With The Local Health Community: All good care homes will make a conscious effort to ensure they maintain a close relationship with a local health community, as this will allow them to offer high quality care for the residents that need it. GP’s, nurses and consultants should have regular communications with the care home, and should work with the carers to ensure that each resident has an individual solution. With health communities to hand, you can rest assured that your chosen care home takes the care of residents very seriously.

Putting your elderly relative into the hands of someone else can be a challenge at first, however you can have peace of mind when selecting a care home with all the necessary attributes. If your chosen care home ticks all of the above boxes, you can rest knowing that your elderly relative is in very capable hands.

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