12 Weeks to Beach Body Abs

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For everyone who wants to achieve a great body without
living at the gym and eating like a Spartan.

Lawrence Hosannah's latest book, "12 Weeks to Beach Body Abs" The book provides everything you need to know on not only building a great set of abs, but getting you entire body in lean, hard and in strong condition. Summer is around the corner and this book has arrived at the right time for you to get ready for beach season.

You will learn:

How you should eat to not only get lean but to also build muscle at the same time

How to build truly awesome abs without training them that often

Exactly how many reps, sets, exercises you should be doing to drastically speed up fat loss and
muscle gain

The best exercises for leaning up all sections of your abs

How to train in a way that progressively produces results each and every week

Speed up you metabolism even while at rest, which means more overall fat loss

Learn how you can use recovery factors to drastically speed up your progress

Utilize new cardio protocols that burn body fat for hours and days after you have done them

Learn the best food choices to getting and staying lean

Learn how to optimally perform the best exercises for building great abs and much more

"12 Weeks to Beach Body Abs" contains all the techniques that Lawrence Hosannah uses himself, not only to build his own body, but to help his clients achieve an awesome body.  The book was written for the person who wants to achieve a great body without living in the gym and eating like a Spartan.

To order "12 Weeks to Beach Body Abs,"  go to http://www.lawrencehosannah.com/?q=node/16

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