Comment Spam: How to Deal with It

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Comment Spam: How to Deal with It

Online protection is on the agenda nowadays. More and more website owners wonder how they can protect themselves and their clients from spam comments, ads, and dangerous bots’ influence. Any Internet user is constantly faced with spam. Spam attacks mailboxes: a variety of commercial offers from unknown companies, information about allegedly won money, various goods or services advertising — the list goes on and on. This also affects blogs: most of the comments are spammed. If it is not stopped, its amount can grow scaring readers away.

Protect Your Blog

Email spam and blog comment spam usually have different purposes. In the first case, spammers want to arouse interest in any product or service, while in the second case, spam is aimed at search engines. The main spammers’ goal is to gain control over your WordPress site and damage all server resources illegally promoting their products. As soon as you face such a situation, you should immediately delete all of these spam users.

The first step to stop this process is to temporarily forbid signing up on your blog. Then you should delete all spam users. Comment moderation is a very effective step in dealing with unwanted comments. The best WordPress spam protection is carefully monitoring the comments. You can see a list of recent comments on any posts in the admin panel comments section, so you can quickly monitor the spammers’ activity on your site. The faster you delete unnecessary comments, the less likely spammers will return to your site again.

Spammers are mastering more and more spam techniques. Spam comments can look quite common; suspicion may be caused by the author’s name or URI. The best way to find out whether it is spam or not is to click on the link provided in the URI. If the site looks suspicious, you can delete the comment completely or delete its URI address.

Ways to Stop Spam

Only 20 users are displayed on the WordPress screen. If the pages of your WordPress users are loaded on the screen, you can delete them by changing the number of users displayed; just click on the Screen Options tab and change their number.

This option is suitable for deleting several hundred users, but it won’t be sufficient to delete several thousand of them. If your console freezes for a long time, you can use a special plug-in that will be more effective when user mass deleting.

WordPress has built-in anti-spam tools — it means users of this system can quickly and easily deal with spam activity. To stop spam, you can use the Anti-Spam CleanTalk plug-in which makes it possible for you to deal with 99% of incoming spam. With its help, you can check existing comments, find and quickly delete spam users and block them so that they can no longer be active. The plug-in creates records of all filtered comments, signs up and other spam attacks. The remaining one percent can be easily cleaned manually.

When it comes to spam, it’s worth paying much attention to protection. Install plug-ins to block spam when the site just launches before it is full of spam users so that later you don’t have to spend much time and effort to delete them.

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