Entrepreneur Profile: Roxanna Wilson, founder Royalty Builders

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Roxanna Wilson. Photo: Roxanna Wilson. 

Road To Entrepreneurship: “I started my first business at a very young age, or should I say a hobby. The truth is I had to grow into becoming a business owner. There were plenty of long days and nights while starting from scratch. The blueprint was learning as you grow. Everything may seem great on the outside, but on the inside you could be screaming, ‘I hope this works!’. While starting  my business, I was working a nine-to-five, attending school, and different training. I had to work on myself for individual growth. I was in corporate America, but that industry didn’t match the freedom that I desired. At times, it was holding back my gift. It was important to stay motivated because you can lose your vision while maintaining your persona. I had to change my mindset. I had to be on a strict budget, and give it my all without looking back. All of this helped. The good and bad prompted me to be the business queen that I am today.” 

My Expertise: “My business Royalty Builders offers financial services which includes personal and business, credit, taxes, real estate investing and business developing. I am inspired to help others create several streams of income that will lead to financial freedom.”

Landing Seed Capital To Start: “I’ve always been a person that saw a dollar as an opportunity to make another dollar. For instance, if I had a dollar, I would buy a bag of candy at a reduced rate and would sell it for more. Then I would use the money to re-invest and make more money. I was always  inspired to create financial freedom for myself and others. I want my family name to outlive us. I realize that I must lead by example, and that’s not always easy. The same people you’re doing it for can be the ones who will never understand.” 

Growing The Business: “My business has grown since launching. I had to add additional services to help develop me as a business owner in order to help my clients. This led me to become a mentor and aid others to create their own business and walk in their purpose.”

Handling Obstacles: “The toughest  challenge is not having enough time to commit to every aspect of your business. I’m sure you’re heard the term ‘allpreneur’, the person that does it all. You will be burnt out, and there will be things that are lacking. Especially while working a nine-to-five and working to meet performance measures. During your day job you may constantly think about your business. When building your business you’ll remember something that you didn’t complete at your nine-to-five.”

Covid’s Impact On Business: “Unlike most businesses, my company has tripled since Covid-19. Disasters must be considered while starting a building. I guess you can call Royalty Builders corona virus proof. 

My Secrets To Success: “First, believe in yourself  before you expect others to believe in you. Invest in yourself before you expect someone else to invest in you. Everything  has a purpose. So it’s important to understand your purpose. The good and bad that may arise will be needed to strengthen you for growth. Always surround yourself with someone more experienced than you, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. It’s beneficial if you’re able to hire an expert for the subject matter.” 

My Favorite Five Books: What Would The Rockefellers Do, The Odyssey, Think And Grow Rich, The 5 Second Rule, and Keys To Success.

“I’m currently reading, The Traction.”

Five People Who’ve Inspired Me Most: Jesus, Les Brown, Td Jakes, Oprah Winfrey, and Lula Mae Wilson.


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