Things To Avoid In An Online Meeting

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Making Online meetings more productive

With the advancement of videoconferencing and telecommuting, there are many businesses that are beginning to host online meetings for their employees. This can incorporate a vast amount of employees from all over the world, connecting them to each other and helping to solve problems. While this technology is incredible, there are still many people who are new to online meetings. Because of this, many people encounter several pitfalls that can make for a less than successful meeting. What should you avoid? Let’s take a look at six common pitfalls in online meetings.

1. Not Using the Correct Technology

According to Microsoft Business, one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to videoconferencing is that they use the wrong technology. Some people think that simply doing a Skype call will be fine, but many times Skype will crash, the audio and visuals will not sync up, or the program will freeze. There are several different technologies out there such as Blue Jeans videoconferencing tools that can help make the meeting more successful that using a program such as Skype. Make sure you not only have the right program, but also make sure you have the correct equipment such as cameras, microphones, and any other equipment necessary for online meetings.2. Not Paying Attention

Online meetings are unique in that they make people feel like they are not in the room with their coworkers. According to another article by Microsoft Business, this means they might not pay attention to the meeting. This can be detrimental in an online meeting because you must be aware of everything that is being discussed. It will be difficult to learn about it from your colleagues if you telecommute. Always make sure you are listening to what is being said. Consider taking notes to help yourself remember key points in the meeting and possibly record the meeting to watch again later.

3. Not Clearing Things behind You in View of the CameraWhen you telecommute to work, you are usually sitting in a room that makes you feel comfortable while also helping you focus on work. This room might have toys in it from your kids, or it might be a room with random movie and band posters. Many people are so used to these rooms that they do not consider what is behind them when they attend an online meeting. This can be distracting for others on the video call and can also be embarrassing for the person who forgets to clear the things from view. Take some time to prepare for your meeting and clear away everything from behind you. You can even put up a nice solid color sheet to add a more professional look to your video call.

4. Not Removing DistractionsWhether you are conducting an online meeting from the workplace or home, there will always be distractions. Many times, people do not take the time to remove these distractions and put things in place to avoid any from interrupting the meeting. If you are conducting your meeting from the office, make sure you are in a room where no one will bother you. If you are in a meeting room, make sure you have booked it and you ensure that no one will enter the room. If you conduct your meeting from your home, make sure pets and family members do not interrupt you. A good idea is to close the door to the room you are in and crate dogs so that you will not be interrupted by barking. If you have children, consider hiring a babysitter or having a friend come over to watch them until the meeting is over.

5. Not Looking at the CameraWhen you are in a meeting, you will likely have your computer in front of you. According to Productivity501, it is wise for you to always make sure you are  HYPERLINK ""looking in the camera when you are talking with people, instead of looking at your screen. If you are taking notes, make sure to let someone know you need to write something down if you know you will not be looking at the camera for a while. This will make sure others on the call will know you are not ignoring them.

6. Not Being PreparedAnother major mistake people make when going to an online meeting is not being prepared. It is easier to prepare for an in-person meeting when most of the supplies are readily available and you have documentation with you. Many times, people forget all of this for a videoconference. Consider taking an hour or hour and a half prior to the meeting to clear distractions and the background, as well as to gather up any paper and pens and your documentation for the meeting. Create a checklist of everything you need to help remember items.

In ClosingThese problems are easily remedied by making sure you are fully prepared. Take these problems into consideration as you approach your next online meeting, and make sure that you make all necessary changes.

This will help you have a successful meeting. 


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