Bitcoin, Uber, Herbalife and Black Financial Escapism Hustle Talk


Attorney Antonio Moore delves into the problems with black financial escapism, through quick hustles. He looks at Bitcoins, Herbalife, and Uber to frame the discussion. 1) What is the current economic reality for Black families and why has Hustle Talk become the language of the day? 2) Is Bitcoin a real investment for the middle black family when they are only worth a few hundred dollars liquid? Does a family literally with light bill money get to invest? 3) Herbalife has faded after FCC regulations of transparency. How should we look at people in our circle that sold us on the ponzi scheme? We broke but at least we in shape!!! 4) Can Uber driving at night provide enough additional income to make black life make sense financially in America? 5) How do you feel about your Grandma renting a room to rotating strangers through Airbnb? 6) Can Black America survive its Hustle talk’s moral and financial impact on the community?

Catch his weekly show on Dash Radio or Tonetalks Youtube Channel 7pm pst pacific.

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