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Black Professionals meet at Mixx Lounge in Greenwich Village, NYC

Black Professional Events is a real time event portal where Event Planners , Promoters and all organizations in need of event resources can post and access event information. The goal is for to become the information hub and one-stop shop for events nationwide. is useful for Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, Trade Shows, Incentive Events, Networking, Conventions, Corporate Events and more. Meeting Professionals, Event Planners, Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, Affinity Groups, Corporations and Networking Groups all benefit from

Additionally, offers a forum by which Black Professionals can share resources and build quality friendships while building businesses., is also a vital tool for building quality business relationships and membership can result in lucrative rewards. Advantages of being a member of the group include Member Forums where members can network, share advice, information, experiences, support and strategies, Event Calendars where members can keep abreast of productive and rewarding events, User Blogs for members’ individual use, an Employment Center which lists employment opportunities throughout the U.S., News Reports, and much more.

In a recent Black Star News interview, George C. Fraser, internationally acclaimed author of the bestselling book, Success Runs in Our Race, The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African American Community stated, .� We must fully internalize the meaning of collectiveness and move away from the ideas of rugged individualism. Once we see that our strength is manifested when the dots are connected, and not when the individual is doing his or her own thing, that is when we will realize our true potential.�, is becoming a powerful force in the world of Black business. Its easy accessibility and professional layout makes it easy for members to connect throughout the United States at members’ convenience. The friendly atmosphere of also makes it easy for members to meet colleagues in order to develop mutually beneficial strategic alliances.
Membership is free.

For calendar of events, related business links, corporate tips, strategies and articles written by professionals, visit the website at

Brenda Jeanne Wyche, Advocate for Solutions and Results ©2006 is Managing Editor for The Black Star News and Harlem Business News and CEO of Winning Strategies & Associates, a business development consultancy in New York City.  If you have a solution, contact  Maybe we’ll talk.

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