Superdelegates: Stop Clinton Madness Now

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Clinton's approach is called the break-all-the China strategy. In other words, if a mad person enters a store that sells expensive China and starts swinging and destroying every item in sight, the store’s managers may conclude that the only way to preserve the remaining China is to abandon the store to the mad destroyer.

[Elections 2008: Editorial]

The superdelegates are the only people that can save the Democratic Party today.

Beginning with DNC chairman Howard Dean, super delegates must publicly declare for Senator Barack Obama before Senator Hillary Clinton completely destroys the party’s chances. She prefers to hand the keys to the White House to Republican John McCain.

The reason why superdelegates were created was to help steer a nominee past suicidal obstacles created by another contender within the Democratic Party.

It’s not the most democratic process; in fact it resembles a pulitburo system. Yet, we now see the reason why the superdelegates system was created. Ironically, for the time being, it's the only way to stop a candidate determined to destroy the party's chances.

Gary Hart presented problems for the Democratic Party when he ran against Walter Mondale. The exposes of his affairs, the Democratic Party believed at the time, were going to cost the Democrats the election had Hart been the nominee.

The Democratic Party believed Mondale was more electable and the superdelegates leaned for Mondale; he went on to a spectacular defeat at the general election.

Barack Obama thankfully presents less of a dilemma for the Democratic Party’s bigwigs and the superdelegates. Obama leads Clinton by nearly 150 pledged delegates; he’s won 30 states compared to her 14; and, he has won 600,000-plus more popular votes than Clinton.

A poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal/NBC published this week, shows Obama beating the Republican McCain 47% to 44%; the same poll shows Clinton winning over McCain 47% to 45%.

But when Democrats were asked whom they believed, between Obama and Clinton had a better chance of beating McCain, the survey showed Democrats preferred Obama by 10% points better over Clinton as the candidate to beat McCain.

It’s clear that beginning with the Texas vote, the Clinton machinery has determined that the only way for her to even have a chance of becoming the nominee is to make Obama as toxic as possible and move white voters and superdelegates away from him. 

By throwing racist bombs –such as the Geraldine Ferraro smear, and now the video of a sermon by the retired pastor of Obama’s church from a year ago—Clinton believes she can win by larger margins in states like Pennsylvania, by driving white voters away from Obama. She believes she can accomplish the same outcome if voting is redone in Florida and Michigan.

Clinton believes that she can so racially polarize the electorate to the extent that eventually the superdelegates will succumb to bombardment and lean towards her. She knows she can't catch up in total delegates.

In fact she believes she can even usurp the nomination before the Convention in August.

Maybe Clinton hopes that, to preserve the Democratic Party, and any remaining chance the party has of winning in November, Obama, being a balanced and rational individual, will withdraw from the race.

It’s called break-all-the China strategy.  

mad person enters a store with very expensive China and starts swinging and destroying every item in sight. The store’s managers may conclude that the only way to preserve the remaining China is to temporarily abandon the store to the mad destroyer.

But the voters have so far expressed a clear preference. They want Obama as the nominee.

This is the time for the super delegates to show what they're worth. Between now and Pennsylvania, there is simply too much time to allow Clinton to continue swinging madly. If the Clinton ugliness continues, there will be no more China left by April 22.

Superdelegates must follow the electorate now and declare for Senator Obama. Get the mad destroyer away from the China today.



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