Surrendering Our “Democracy�

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(Once an enemy of, and victim of, torture--McCain has sold his soul as he eyes a future Presidential bid).

Once again, “King� George has gotten his wish. The so-called Military Commissions Act of 2006 has been signed into law. So, yet another democratic check has been trumped by the dictatorial streak of this rotten regime.
The passing of this “law� has legitimized the unconstitutional actions of these usurpers. Under this law, the Habeas Corpus provision is now compromised and America’s adherence to the Geneva Conventions has been rendered null and void. The government may now imprison anyone indefinitely without a charge.

In addition, under the new “law� hearsay and “secret� evidence can be introduced and kept from any defendant under the claims of it being a “national security� risk. In addition, methods of torture such as “water-boarding,� sleep and sensory deprivation is now legal.
No doubt, the Bush cabal needed this “law� to pass. For the main purpose of it is to insulate them from being tried for war crimes, as well as legalizing their morally reprehensible behavior. This Administration told the nation and the world, that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and had to be removed. From the very beginning, this claim was dubious.

For one must ask if the Israelis attacked Iraq for this very thing in the early eighties, why wouldn’t they attack Saddam again given what occurred in the Gulf War when Saddam relentlessly launched Scud missiles into Israel?  For if Saddam
had “reconstituted� his arsenal as Bush told us then wouldn’t Israel be first in the line of fire? Moreover, wouldn’t the Mossad have acted in some form or fashion? The omission of Israeli intelligence to support the Administration’s claims was always more than a little curious. However, Bush & Co. had to have their war, and they didn’t care who got hurt in the process. And that led to war crimes at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
Thanks, to the caving in of Senator John McCain --who has an eye on a White House run-- and the wimpy, weak-kneed Democrats these scandalous scoundrels have further eroded an already troubled democracy. The president with his repetitive mantra claims that this bill will help fight terrorism. Yeah, right. What this does is it allows him to silence whomever he dislikes by labeling them “unlawful enemy combatants.� We are all now on notice. For what is to stop him from scheming against those voices that have tried to elevate the consciousness of the people?
Many Americans think this law isn’t applicable to them. They are wrong. Remember Jose Padilla? Under section 948a of this act, Americans aren’t excluded from being labeled as “unlawful enemy combatants�. Wake up America, your democracy is under attack, from within.

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