Wendy Williams; She Does It .. BIG

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She makes for great radio and makes even greater television because now we can see her face as she attacks her unsuspecting prey—case in point, poor Omarosa, if you did not see the clip, Google it please.

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Thanks to Aqua Net’s Extra Super Hold Hairspray, she has the big hair, the big bad mouth, and a slamming personality.

You’ve got to either love her or hate her, but it is really hard to be indifferent.  She is the self-proclaimed "Queen of All Media"; Wendy Williams, and she is living up to her title as she heats up daytime television.  

The Wendy Williams Show is the newest addition to Wendy’s growing media empire which includes her radio show, The Wendy Williams Experience, her show in VH1 Wendy Williams is on Fire, and two New York Times best sellers, Wendy’s Got The Heat by Simon & Schuster and her latest book, The Wendy Williams Experience by Dutton Books and her current novel, Drama Is Her Middle Name by Harlem Moon/Broadway Books.

If you’re a Wendy Williams fan like me, you turn on your radio at 2pm every afternoon and laugh hysterically in your car or at your desk as at she rips into her callers and refers to some as “donkeys.” How about when she decides to get “real” with her celebrity guests? 

The girl spares no punches and everything is fair game. She makes for great radio and makes even greater television because now we can see her face as she attacks her unsuspecting prey—case in point, poor Omarosa, if you did not see the clip, Google it please.  

Wendy is witty, quick and yes, she always has the last word.  It is rib-breaking funny when she does it to others; but really, who wants to be on the receiving end of Wendy’s venom?

One week before Wendy started the live taping of her show, I had a chance to visit her at the T.V studio here in New York City. It was the first day of rehearsal and she was marking out her show to be ready for D-Day.

Ever the multi-tasker, she was popping in M&M’s, delivering her lines, taking directives from the Executive Producer and others, and mothering her son little Kevin who was seated on the first row, not too far from her caring gaze and entertaining her audience—which was comprised of producers, interns, directors and myself—between takes.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk into a very warm and friendly person. Wendy, the friend in my head, is not such a terror after all. I realized at that point that my heightened worrying about the merciless personality that I was about to interview was all unnecessary. When she was told I was in the audience, she quickly acknowledged me: “Hi Chichi, you’re the reporter.” 

I waved backed and watched as she continued with her rehearsal.  The funny thing was that even when she was not trying to be funny, she was; she delivered in the same manner that she does when she has a full audience.

As soon as she wrapped up rehearsal, she walked up to me, offered a warm greeting and prompted me to follow her to her green room.  All the time, little Kevin is right by her side.  We sit down and she reapplied her pink lipstick and scrunches up her hair. Oh Wendy, I just love it. She is such a girl’s girl. She looks ready; so we get started.

I ask, “Wendy, How are you doing?”

Smiles beaming; she responds: “I feel good, comfortable, elated, qualified.” 

She is thankful for the privilege to work with great people and to see her fans every morning. 

It doesn’t take much to see that the woman with the seemingly hard edge that seems impenetrable is soft when it comes to being a mother and a wife. “The most important thing to me is keeping my family together—My husband and little Kevin. I want little Kevin to have a balanced life with traditional family values.”

The Wendy Williams TV Show on Fox is a hit and airs weekdays at 10:00a.m; so if you have to TiVo it, record it or call in sick for work; make sure you watch it.   Don’t worry about trying to become an audience member; the show was booked up even before her show hit the ground running.



Omarosa vs. Wendy Williams



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