BIPOC Duo Behind The DESAVO Face Mask

BIPOC duo behind the DESAVO Face Mask
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New York, June 16, 2021 -- The NBA has set the precedent for playing the safest possible way under COVID conditions and the BIPOC duo behind the DESAVO Face Mask have been protecting the teams from the beginning.

It is very likely you have seen DESAVO Face Masks while watching a basketball game, Sports Center, the Oscar Awards Ceremony or on pilots/crew on flights or at airports nationwide.

Founded by Jonathan Malveaux and David Sajous, the duo, were alarmed by the lack of effective, trustworthy masks as the pandemic hit. After watching so many people they knew die from Covid in the Black and LatinX communities -- they decided to take matters into their own hands and create a better face mask using highly advanced technology. Their goal was simple: to save lives.

Entrepreneurs with backgrounds in finance, corporate law, sports and entertainment, as well as fathers of young children, the simple mission grew into a full time obsession. Their first big challenge came when they collaborated with the NBA bubble, as a one-of-a-kind COVID success story with masks and social distancing playing crucial roles.

The NBA and its players have a long history of standing up for the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion and the NBA identified this minority-owned business to be their partner.

Launched in the Spring of 2020, the company is 100% minority owned. DESAVO has been a true proponent of Community Work having donated over 50,000 masks through partnerships with:

• Allergy & Asthma Network

• Hispanic Federation

• Hispanic Scholarship Fund

• New York and New Jersey Public School

DESAVO Face Masks Facts:

CDC Testing/Filtering Efficiency over 99.9%-- DESAVO was tested by CDC/NIOSH’s testing lab, NPPTL (National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory) and the filtering efficiency was over 99.9% -- the full assessment may be found on the CDC website here.

Professional Sports, TV/Film Production -- DESAVO is a preferred mask partner of over 70 professional sports teams, hundreds of professional athletes, commercial airlines, Fortune 100 companies, television and film production studios and education and healthcare institutions.

Individually Wrapped – DESAVO masks are individually wrapped making them easy to store in the car, at the office, in your bag while traveling and/or to share with friends and family in a sanitary manner as we resume normal activity and movement.

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