Declare War On Your Wardrobe

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Tough Love Tips From A Fashion Femme Fatale

If you want to take your wardrobe from drab to fab fast, here’s the battle plan:

Step 1: Shed some weight…Confidence is key if you’re hoping to make a splash this Spring.

Feeling good means looking good, and the quickest way to fashion nirvana is having a killer wardrobe custom-built for you by a pro. First, you’re going to need to shed some weight – from your closet. Enter international fashion consultant and wardrobe guru Alegra Torel.

Part life-coach, part fashion commando, and all fabulous, Alegra, as she is known, will rip through your closet without mercy. She’s young, hip, hot and blessed with a special skill: She knows what works for her clients. But it always starts with a sweep of the closet.

The collateral damage: the drab, ill-fitting and out-dated pieces that have been holding you back from being the superstar you really are. Don’t dare try this alone. You’ll need Alegra’s tough love, especially when it comes to some of your old stand-bys. If it’s gotta go, then it will be gone. When she’s done with your closet, you’ll be flooded with a calm sense of tranquility. Purging your old threads cleanses your soul like a steamy session of Bikram Yoga. You are now ready for Step 2.

Step 2: Shop ‘til you’re hot…All the while, Alegra is sizing you up. She finds grains of grace in your movements and makes notes to herself. She sees something special in the way you walk, and takes more notes. She soaks up the details of your lifestyle and smiles. It’s time to go shopping.

"My mission is to make every women’s wardrobe a collector’s fantasy, regardless of their budget," says Alegra from her HQ in New York City.

Shopping with Alegra is an experience in itself. No matter where you are in the world, Alegra knows where to find the "statement pieces" that will become the foundation of your new wardrobe. She prowls boutiques you’ve never heard of in search of the perfect pair of denim jeans, the perfect pencil skirt, a three –button coat. "These pieces are imperative to a woman’s wardrobe, and you’d be surprised to find out how many women just don’t have them. A wardrobe must be built, and takes time," she adds.

When Alegra is done building your wardrobe, you will be covered for any event. From casual to cocktails to elegance, you will never again stand in front of the closet, hands on hips, and mutter the words every husband or boyfriend hates to hear, "I have nothing to wear."

Step 3: Love the new you…Enough Said.

Get with the program: There’s a new you waiting to be released, and it’s easier than you think. If you want to look absolutely, bloody fabulous, get with Alegra. Don’t worry, she makes house calls.

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