Eady Launches Internet Radio

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Without vision and properly prioritizing and implementing our strategy, people in Africa and throughout the Diaspora will not have power

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Eady Associates has launched an Internet Radio program to boost its capabilities to work with Black communities around the globe and focus on economic and business development  towards empowerment of the Black Diaspora.

“No matter what your issue, i.e. police brutality , your child’s education, health care, job opportunities, affordable housing development, etc. , please see your cause as one that when properly  defined is tied into the economic survival of Black people,” says Kermit Eady, founder and CEO. “Our survival, development and growth are dependent upon you and your agenda, and it must be seen with independence as its primary focus.

Remember, all causes are a part of an economic thrust which when properly implemented will lead to the empowerment our people. Without vision and properly prioritizing and implementing our strategy, people in Africa and throughout the Diaspora will not have power, and without power, there will be no freedom.”

The new  Weekly Internet Radio Program, beginning Saturday July 28 6 PM.-7 P.M. is entitled “The Empowerment Hour”. Tune in  at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/EadyAssociates and then call in at 1-646-716-7472 to participate in the conversation. Eady will host the program with Jason Byrd VP of Communications and Information.
The Empowerment Hour will feature guests that have expertise regarding the issue of empowerment such as James McIntosh M.D., Psychiatrist & Author Terrie Williams, publicist, author & entrepreneur; Milton Allimadi, Publisher of Black Star News, Author & entrepreneur; Karma Stanley, film producer & entrepreneur; Betty Dopson, Co. Chair CEMOTAP; Imhotep Gary Byrd, Radio Talk Show Host; Gil Noble, Longest Running Black TV Talk Show, WABCTV’s Like It Is; Dannie Glover, Actor/ Film Producer & entrepreneur; Dr. Leonard Jefferies, Historian & entrepreneur, The Honorable Percy Sutton, Chairman Inner City Broadcasting, Dr. Joy Degruy-Leary, author, Larry Barton, VP of the Black United Fund of NY; and, more.

"As discussions take place on the Empowerment Hour with our guests, regardless of the subject, the topic will be tied into the economic prosperity of our people, and how the information given will lead to a better quality of life for our people,” adds Eady. “We will also deal with the empowerment linkages between Black people in this country and  Brothers and Sisters on the continent. We will also have much discussion on the power and usage of Payroll Deductions for Not- for- Profits and the understanding and usage of Universal/ Spiritual Laws.”

The radio program is intended to shatter “doom and gloom,” scenarios by “instead focusing on solutions,” adds Eady. “All Blacks in the country must tune in to our show every week. This show is strictly about our liberation, and it must be done through business development and growth.”

For more information on Eady Associates, visit our web site:
www.eadyassociates.com or
www.kermiteady.com call us at 1-888-538-9803 or e-mail us at info@kermiteady.com.

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