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There’s a new kid in town and he’s bringing his A-game.  Business savvy stalwarts and novices alike, get ready for Hotep.  Elementary school teacher by day; Hustler for life -- Hotep, a/k/a “Hustle Simmons,” is sweeping the nation with his futuristic, take-no-prisoners  approach to entrepreneurship.  Since 1997, Hotep has taken Atlanta’s entertainment and media industries by storm and brought appreciation and beauty to a word and way of life that many of us have found synonymous with nothing that is pretty – the Hustle. 

A graduate of Morehouse College, Hotep brings fun, exuberance and innovative style into the motivation arena with HustleUniversity.Org – an educational portal for the new generation of entrepreneur and hopefuls who thrive on fresh, new, ideas and avant garde approaches to success. 

Author of the popular self-empowerment book, “The Hustler’s 10 Commandments (a collection of Corporate Best Practices, Ancient Wisdom and Guerilla Tactics for Today’s Independent-Minded Entrepreneur)  ,” Hotep strives to  “Educate and motivate people to get your hustle on.  Hustling is not a bad thing,” Hotep explains.  “Don’t get it twisted.  It’s not about going out on the street corner selling drugs and doing all kinds of crazy things, putting your life in jeopardy.  To hustle is to work hard and be aggressive at YOUR business – to do whatever you do 100 times stronger and to seek education in everything that you do.  That’s why I wrote “The Hustler’s 10 Commandments.”   

The multi-faceted engineer runs a multimedia edutainment company by the name of Skinnymen Productions, where he has produced and directed two award-winning documentaries.  The first is included in Hotep’s  “The Hustler’s Guide to the Entertainment Industry,” a DVD designed for a “’special breed’ of entrepreneur,” as he describes it.  The DVD features the award-winning documentary, “Independent Doin’ Major Things,” which contains interviews with celebrity filmmakers, authors, independent artists and entrepreneurs, showing how they compete in the big leagues.  The second documentary entitled, “Venus Lives,” is about a controversial art exhibition series called, “The Venus Revolution,” which displays sensual and exotic images of beautiful women.  “The exhibit was created to provide a contemporary vision of a forgotten historical figure known as The Hottentot Venus,” Hotep explains.  Also under his company, Skinnymen Productions, Hotep has released four hip-hop albums entitled, “Episode One feat. Mancho Akh,” “Raiders of the Lost Art feat. Mancho Akh,” “Audiobiography: The Sound of Life feat. Hotep,” and “Manifest Destiny feat. Hotep,” and has been featured in various media outlets, major newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, XXL, Rolling Out, Washington Post and the Atlanta Voice.

Hotep’s compassion for people who are struggling and his willingness to share his business savvy with everyone who is willing to get their Hustle on is what makes him most extraordinary.  Touring nationally, Hotep brings Hustle University to the masses while teaching, among so many other valuable lessons, “Image Is Everything,” sharing his own personal tried and true techniques for “creating a winning image, the power of perception and how to use it for your benefit, innovative dress, marketing, layout and design techniques to effectively communicate your professional brand and upgrade your personal swagger,” and much more.

“People are looking for answers,” states the Master of the Game.  “They are tired of the old ‘Secret to Success’ routine and ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams.  The way to become successful is not a secret and the only people that get rich quick are those that are already rich or the lucky few.  For the rest of us, it’s a matter of Knowing One’s Purpose, Living with Passion and Exerting One’s Power with a lot of hard work, in other words . . . Hustle!” 

Hotep’s mantra: “Don’t wait for opportunity – Create It!”

Learn how to get your hustle on and find out why Hotep is a/k/a “Hustle Simmons” by logging on to  and

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