Multimillionaire Shares Strategies She Used To Build Her Empire

Rodgers started her business working as a business coach and attorney.
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Rachel Rodgers is a multimillionaire. She lives on a 53-acre ranch with her husband and family in Greensboro, NC. But she says she got it all from hard work and strategic planning.

“Both of my parents were laid off from their jobs at the same time. I remember our lights getting turned off because my parents couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill,” Rodgers told Business Insider.

Rodgers graduated from law school, but could not find a good-paying job because of the recession.

“I became an entrepreneur by necessity because there were not many good job offers. So, I clerked for a judge for a year making $41,000,” she said. After that, she focused on building her business.

Rodgers started her business working as a business coach and attorney. Her initial goal was to earn $50,000 a year while working from home. A little over a decade after starting her company, Rodgers is a multi-millionaire. Here are the strategies she used to build her wealth.

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