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Small Business Boot Camp is coming to Southbury, CT. Can you handle it?

People say, in order to succeed in a thing, you’d better bring your “A Game.”  In this fast paced society, there IS no “A Game” – EVERYBODY has an “A Game.”  Today, it’s all out war – so if you’re in it, you’d better win it, or get eaten up with the rest of the crabs in a barrel, still pushing their “A Game,” trying to stay alive.

Competition – no matter how you wish it would go away, believe me – it won’t.  As long as you have something to sell, competition will be right there – in your face – reminding you that there are a million other people selling the same thing, possibly not even as great as what you have – but they are fighting for that spotlight to shine on them, to get all the glory – and even better, all that money!  It will get tough – even ugly as you get closer to the top.  There will people who befriend you just to spy on you and steal your ideas, not to mention the nay sayers who will continue to laugh and ridicule you, saying it will never happen.  And let’s not omit the “piggybackers.”  Those who can’t come up with an original idea to save their lives, but as soon as they see you do it; they run right behind you and do the same thing and try to own it. Then you’ve got your crabs in a barrel, bringing their “A Game,” working every possible tactic they can to keep you down with them; trapped and waiting to get boiled and eaten in sauce.

Your grueling pursuit for success can make you so weary that your entire being can feel like you can’t move another inch. Your mind has been torn down with fear, guilt, doubt, disappointment and just flat out exhaustion, your body feels like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck as a result of running around trying to sell, make presentations, learning how to raise capital, trying to balance family and social life until you just want to get in bed and not get up for a month.  You reminisce of your 9 to 5 days, and in a second of insanity, think to yourself, “It really wasn’t that bad.”  When you reach this point, do you just throw in the towel, turn tail and run back to a 9 to 5?  So many people do.  But the second you let your guard down, you’d better believe there is someone right behind you thanking their lucky stars that another one bit the dust.  This person, with possibly not such a great product or service as yours, takes everything you worked so hard for, because he had the one thing you didn’t have – EDGE – that edge which set him/her apart and put him/her in the fast lane. Now they are basking in the glory that should be yours – swimming in what could have been your money, while you sit and watch, laid out, empty handed, in debt and still trying to recover from burnout.  Not a very bright picture, you say, but this is the reality of life.

That is why you should always be looking for an edge – something that can set you apart from the rest – something that makes you shine brightest in a sea of similarity. An edge is something nobody can steal away from you.  It is something that is developed based on the foundation of your own individuality.  But it’s something that is very difficult to acquire, because the whole beauty of the edge, is secret – even to you.  Everybody’s talking about this Secret. Well, yes, there is a Secret that can bring you success and riches beyond your wildest dreams.  And that Secret is You. 

But one does not ordinarily come to this epiphany for themselves.  It is a divine conquest that comes from the type of conditioning most people cannot bring upon themselves.  It takes a specialist to bring out this Divine secret that is distinctive in you – because it is the essence of your individuality that makes you great – that sets you apart from the competition – because there IS only one, and like DNA – it’s something no one can duplicate. 

Andrew Morrison is one such specialist – but with a unique gift of developing not just business owners, but super-preneurs. The testimonials go on for days, of how Andrew Morrison has changed peoples’ lives and literally shocked them beyond their full potential with his Small Business Boot Camp.

"One of Andrew's ideas generated $18,000 for me within six weeks. I suggest you work with him before your competitor does!" Tonja Oates, CPA,

“Andrew is amazing! At first I thought that I wouldn't learn anything new about how to start my business that I haven't learned from reading lots of books. But the Small Business Camp saved my future business from total failure. I owe the millions of dollars in profit that I am going to receive from Andrew and the Small Business Camp.
Kisha Barton, President/CEO, Barton & Thomas Communications

 "I am still in shock.  In one single solitary day Small Business Camp put me on track and I didn't even realize I had been derailed!” Gayle E. Santana, The Ultimate Executive Assistant,

There are so many more testimonials such as these about how Andrew Morrison is changing lives and helping people make money on their business and ideas.  But we all know nothing of value is free.  If you disagree, then you might as well lie down right now – because you’re in for an unmerciful beat down.

Part of the journey to success is investing in yourself.  And for the most part, it’s up to you how fast you get there and in how well a condition, by the choices you make along the way.  Now is the time to ask yourself, “Is this awesome idea or passion I have really worth getting into?”  “Do I really believe I can do it?”  “Do I truly believe in myself and what I’m doing?” At this point, I can help you with that answer, and the answer is, YES!  But in order to make it happen for yourself, you must invest in yourself.  That old cliché’, “It takes money to make money,” has never been more true – and as long as you nickel and dime your business, you’re nickel and diming yourself.  And you’re fooling yourself that you’re in business, when all you really have is a hobby.  But even hobbies can make you extremely rich if you have the right plan.  Andrew can even help you with that. 

He’s got a 2-day Boot Camp coming to Southbury, Connecticut next month.  I urge everybody who is just starting out in business, who aspires to have their own business, and people who are in business and are ready to accelerate their business so they can make money; not just to stay afloat, but to bring in big bucks; disposable income where they can finally say, “I have arrived,” to get out there and jump in Andrew Morrison’s Small Business Boot Camp.

There, you will learn how to make money with just an idea, turn your side-hustle into full-time income, design a website that generates sales, how to appear on radio and TV shows, raise start up capital, and much more. 

Take Andrew’s Small Business Boot Camp and nobody will be able to piggyback off of you again.  They will try, but they won’t get it.  And they won’t understand why, but you will.

The State of Connecticut has a mission to serve the small business community in Connecticut. Andrew Morrison’s program helps the state to deliver innovative educational programming that works. He has become a proven entity in the State of Connecticut and internationally. The Connecticut Secretary of State Office appreciates Andrew’s program so much they are sponsoring the 2-day Boot Camp, which creates incredible value for you.  Here’s how: 

Ordinarily, Andrew’s 2-day Small Business Boot Camp is $1,497 but because of the Connecticut Secretary of State Office’s sponsorship you only pay $297.  That is a small price to pay for a seminar that will bring you unimaginable financial returns, as long as you follow what you learn. If you feel you can’t afford it, think about that trip to Cancun you’re taking this summer, or those new $300 boots you’re about to buy, or that cruise you’re going to treat yourself to.  Are you really treating yourself, when you’re just running the same treadmill in those boots?  Success is about making wise choices.

The Connecticut Small Business Boot Camp is a 2-day event.  Details are as follows:

Who:   Andrew Morrison

What:  Small Business Boot Camp, Connecticut

Where: Crowne Plaza Southbury
1284 Strongtown Road
Southbury, CT  06488

When: Friday, February 22nd from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Saturday, February 23rd, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday, February 24th, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Registration fee: $297 

Learn all of the gifts and benefits that are included in the low cost, more about Andrew Morrison and Small Business Boot Camp, at

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