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[A Prayer For Malcolm Shabazz]

Almighty and ever blessed God, Father of all mercies, God of love, truth and justice, we remember with gratitude the life and works of that great servant of humanity known to us as Malcolm X.

He was taken from a life of crime and turned into one of the most brilliant and powerful champions of justice and liberty that this nation has ever seen. We remember in love his wife, Betty, and their children, and his grandson, Malcolm Shabazz, whose life was recently taken from him under circumstances unknown to us but known by you.

Let your mercies be upon him always, and grant him that peace of mind that he so deeply longed for in his troubled life on earth.

May your blessings, your goodness, and your mercies be upon the surviving members of the family, and make a way for them to be blessed with peace and prosperity in this life, and in the life to come.

Hear us, O Lord our God, Amen.

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