Protesters Outside Queens Supreme Court Decry Allegedly Corrupt Judges

protests outside Supreme Court in Queens County
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Early Friday afternoon, outside the steps of the Supreme Court in Queens County, on Sutphin Boulevard, several protesters met, in a ongoing action, to dramatize what they say are several allegedly corrupt judges working inside this Court, who are said to be scheming in cahoots with shady lawyers---to rig legal decisions.

The Black Star News spoke with some of the protesters Friday regarding their legal issues inside the Court. Two primary concerns raised were regarding housing and divorce cases, especially divorce cases dealing with issues of parental custody.

As far as housing cases, the complaints were about alleged foreclosure housing schemes and attempted evictions overseen by judges who the protesters say are far from impartial.

One protester, Karen June, talked about the allegedly repeated current attempts to wrongfully remove her from the home she shared with her Army veteran husband, June singled out Civil Court Judge John S. Lansden for criticism. June says Judge Lansden was “biased in favor of the investors,” who she says are illegally trying to take her home.

One of the "investors" in question is allegedly Semyon (aka Sam) Muratov.

Judge S. Lansden

June said the stress of her legal ordeal led to her suffering two strokes. She stated that her Army husband had a “massive heart attack and he died” during the fight to retain their home.

June said she will fight “until death” to keep the house she shared with her husband--a Vietnam War combat veteran. She says she has to “pick up the fight” for her husband and herself. She says those trying to take her home are even trying to get Judge Lansden to issue a “no notice eviction.”

She is currently suing Judge Lansden and others.

Housing is a critically important topic, and the Black Star News will explore the stories of these New Yorkers further, and in much more depth, in the very near future.

Several other protesters, complained about divorce proceedings inside the Court. Here, the names of two judges in particular, Judge William Viscovich and Judge Margaret McGowan, were repeatedly mentioned as allegedly biased corrupt judges.

Judge William Viscovich

Some expressed their belief that these two judges are among those incestuously involved with certain lawyers to fix the outcome of cases to the benefit of clients retained by particular lawyers. They all seem to believe these two judges should be investigated–along with their legal rulings and records.

Anthony Cibelli

Protester Anthony Cibelli told the Black Star News about his ordeal and echoed the names of Judge Viscovitch and Judge McGowan. He also had a very negative characterization of lawyer Alyssa Eisner and her alleged corruptive influence inside of the Court.

“We come here every Friday to show that we are here to maintain a presence as we are all victims of Alyssa Eisner, or Judge Viscovich, or Judge McGowan or one of these other judges,” Cibelli said. “ What we see going on here is totally disregard for due process of law, for constitutional civil rights, and willful misconduct to cover up and treat clearly recognizable perjury and fraud. Pretty much what is going on is: these judges are abusing their discretion to give favorable outcomes to attorneys after they selectively target you and then slander and defame you and use all sorts of false information against you so you stand no chance in court.”

Cibelli talked about the role he says lawyer Alyssa Eisner played in his legal problems regarding the custody of his children.

“In one of my proceedings, in the past, Alyssa Eisner, had ran out (of a Court proceeding) when she stated someone died. She never returned,” said Cibelli. “When my father was on his deathbed, I respectfully requested an adjournment. She opposed it and I was defaulted when I couldn’t come, when my dad was dying. I was defaulted in both proceedings, even though I participated throughout. I haven’t seen my second born son ever since he was born. And my first-born son, I haven’t seen since December 6th of 2018, because of ACS and Alyssa Eisner.”

Cibelli says he was appalled by the conditions that he saw inside ACS, as referenced by the above picture.

Alyssa Eisner

Cibelli expressed his belief that Eisner should be investigated, especially because of the powerful positions and groups that she is involved with.

“She needs proper exposure, because she sits on all these very powerful the New York Bar Association, the Executive Chamber Committee, and also the Family Court Reform Committee,” said Cibelli. “So with people like her there it is very dangerous.”

Dimitri Bourianov

Black Star News also spoke with protester Dimitri Bourianov who had a divorce case in front of Judge McGowan. Bourianov's story was previously profiled in the Black Star News.

Black Star News asked Bourianov why he was among the protesters.

“I want to express my opinion of the judges who are biased, and who are abusing power, and who are not doing justice as they are supposed too,” said Bourianov. “I am supporting myself, supporting my friends, too express my point of view.”

Bourianov spoke about what he called Judge McGowan’s bias.

“I am facing McGowan, in the courtroom, I am divorcing. I faced her bias," said Bourianov. “She made up her mind on the custody decision before hearing all of the facts. She didn’t take into consideration a lot of the evidence which was presented during the trial. She didn’t allow a journalist (Black Star News’ Milton Allimadi) to stay in the courtroom.”

He also said he was threatened by Judge McGowan.

Judge Margaret McGowan

“She threatened me with taking all of my money, and financially destroying myself with all of the fees being imposed on me” said Bourianov. "Currently, I am judged against over $60,000 dollars in attorney fees. So, you know, she has power and is abusing it unfortunately. And, I am here to be against it. We’ll see what happens. This (protesting) is the least that I can do.”

A spokesperson for the New York unified courts system, Judge McGowan, Judge Viscovich, and Eisner have all not responded to request for comment for recent articles in Black Star News.

The Black Star News will be following up on the stories of these New Yorkers fighting for justice inside the courts of New York.

Editor's Note: Victims with well-documented cases of abuse by judges or lawyers can reach reach out to us at either of these two emails: or

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