Anniversary Michael Brown's Ferguson Killing: New York Protest

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Sunday: Protest Rally on 1 Year Anniversary of the Killing of Michael Brown

Still NO Justice!  Hands Up! Never Forgive, Never Forget!

What:  Rally and Speakout:  4 PM Union Square New York City

When:  Sunday, August 9, 2015 * 4:00 PM

On August 9, it will be one year since a Ferguson, Missouri, cop, Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown for walking in the middle of the day on a sleepy street. Mike Brown was unarmed, running away, and had his hands up when he was shot multiple times and then his body was left lying dead in the street for four-and-a-half hours. This brutal murder was met with outrage. For days and then weeks people took to the streets with defiance, rage, and righteous rebellion.

Without the defiance in Ferguson, very few would know the name Mike Brown.  Every town has a Mike Brown and often more than one: Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Tony Robinson, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland. and many, many more.

On this anniversary, come to Union Square to stand firmly and publicly manifest that the verdict rendered by the people, that those who took to the streets of Ferguson in righteous and defiant rebellion and protest night after night, was true – Mike Brown did not have to die. It was right for the people of Ferguson to rebel and people everywhere are proud of them for rising up.

No more Michael Browns murdered by police! All of us, together, will build off the Ferguson uprising and the uprisings of the last year to bring thousands and thousands of people from New York and all across the country to fill the streets of New York on Saturday, October 24. This will be an outpouring aimed to force all of society to confront the question―WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Are you FOR this horror of police killing Black and Latino people with impunity and mass incarceration? Or will you stand against it?

Stop Police Terror: Which Side Are You On?  #RiseUpOctober

#RiseUpOctober   646-709-1961 ​* ​

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