Central Park Five $40 Million Settlement: Monumental Victory The Young Men

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The Central Park Five; exonerated, now about to settle with City 

Reports of a settlement in the Central Park Five case signify a monumental victory for the five young men and their families who fought for justice for so long.

It is also a victory for those in the community that stood with them from day one and believed in their innocence in this case. As supporters we were viciously attacked for standing with them, but we were on the right side of history.

One should not underestimate the permanent damaged by the misuse of prosecution – lives were devastated, families torn apart, youth stolen. One of the young men did thirteen years in prison, only to return home unable to get a job. He worked for us at the National Action Network (NAN) for years, and we were honored to help him get back on his feet.

I commend the New York City Corporation Council Zachary Carter for this diligent work on behalf of the citizens of the city. Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke at NAN’s candidate’s forum in January 2013 at the House of Justice and committed then to seek a fair settlement on this case if he was elected -- he has kept his word.

At National Action Network’s Saturday rally we will honor the community who stood by the Central Park Five and call on the present District Attorney to assure the community that this kind of prosecutorial misconduct will be guarded against in the future. This is a wake up call that we should not end with this lawsuit but begin on due process.



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