The Case Against Governor Cuomo–And His Enablers

investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the report confirmed what nearly a dozen women
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Seventy-four thousand documents, 200 interviews, 168 pages, and five months after the Office of the Attorney General launched its investigation into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the report confirmed what nearly a dozen women told us from the start: Cuomo is hot garbage.

Independent investigators managed to corroborate nearly every detail of the flurry of allegations that began when Lindsey Boylan publicly accused the governor of sexual harassment in December and culminated with the charges of an anonymous executive assistant in April.

Alongside the many verified claims of disgusting comments and forcible touching, they caught the governor in various lies, both big and small. Even as he offered blanket denials that he never touched anyone inappropriately, they collected testimony from real-time witnesses who observed the governor tracing his fingers across the stomach of a state trooper.

They got Boylan’s former boss to flip on his previous public statement categorically rejecting her claims that the governor suggested playing strip poker on a plane. They even caught him lying about not knowing the lyrics to a song, which was easily disproved by audiotapes.

And they proved one of the most important facts of the case: Cuomo didn’t act alone when he engaged in “unlawful sex based harassment.”

The report repeatedly drilled in the grotesque lengths to which the governor’s senior staff—led by his top aide Melissa DeRosa—covered up multiple and harrowing accounts of his misconduct.

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