MOVE Still Held Hostage 40 years Later

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MOVE has been held hostage, kept in prison for 40 years by the government and PA Officials, but the payment they want isn't money. In return for our release they demand we give up our fight for life, denounce John Africa, and leave the MOVE organization.

This Is worth more than money to them, but we WILL NOT compromise our belief. We refuse to allow them to stop us from being right and right isn't in the interest of this system. If we wanted to be wrong we would have never left this system for MOVE. This issue has nothing to do with the Parole Board's allegations that we won't take responsibility or "not admitting" to guilt, but everything to do with us being MOVE members.

This government is saying it's a crime to be a MOVE member. If we don't give up our belief then we don't get out of prison. There are thousands of Christians, Jews, and Catholics that are in prison for committing crimes, yet when they go up for parole they are not told they have to give up their faith and leave their religion in order to get out of prison.

Move members were eligible for parole in 2008 after spending 30 years in prison, but the parole board denied us and keeps denying us. We are now 10 over years over our minimum. This past August the Parole Board denied Delbert and gave him a five year hit. He's not eligible for parole again until 2022. Mike had always gotten the prison's recommendation for parole, but this year they refused to recommend him.

The parole Board is the weapon these Officials are using against us in prison, trying to justify keeping us in here for the rest of our lives. Since the Parol Board wants to continue to do the government's dirty deed, then the Parole Board will take the heat.

Our family and supporters are preparing to put some major pressure and MOVE heat on the board. It is way past time that the board has to answer to the people this blatant injustice they perpetrate against MOVE and others. Our goal is to make sure everybody see's clearly what is going on. MOVE was in our basement during the city's "Shoot In"attack on our home in 1978. The policeman was shot in the back of the head while facing our home and the bullet traveled downward which makes it impossible for MOVE to have shot him.

We are innocent and Philadelphia officials know it! In an attempt to kill MOVE they shot and killed their own cop and blamed us. This is political payback for MOVE exposing this system for the lawless, contemptible gang they are. Remember, they are the ones that came to our house that day to kill us. They are the ones who dropped a bomb and murdered 11 of our family members (5 of them children) on May 13, 1985.

Not one of those perpetrators of the holocaust against MOVE spent one day in prison or was made to pay for what they did. They refused to accept responsibility and didn't show any remorse. As a matter of fact they rejoiced and celebrated it as a victory. This is why the ,members of our group fight so hard. It's because we know what we're up against. This system is plagued with the disease of injustice and if not corrected, it will spread to others. Our fight is a fight for life! We are not letting the Parole Board and this system stop us from our work. We are loyal to John Africa.

The Parole Board is fueling anger in people when they show this blatant injustice. The government made a mistake by sending us to prison and they're making a bigger mistake holding us here. All those promises and pledges to do right by the people is nothing but a bunch of lies to pacify people. So many people are already dissatisfied, disillusioned, and disappointed with the Parole Board, the government, and this entire system.

Those running this system has caused mistrust in people for a long time. Politicians and government representatives refuse to listen when people plead for justice, but get nothing but brutality and enslavement in return. We are linked together to get rid of injustice and stop the enslavement of all of life. The power isn't in the few running this system, but rather in the people. We have to realize this and use this power to make a change.

Join our family , friends, and supporters as they rally for parole for MOVE Political Prisoners on Saturday February 24th, 2018 at the National Black Theater. The location is 2031 5th Avenue, Harlem, NY 10035. Remember, the power of the people is the key to freedom.

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