Power In Defense Of Freedom Is Greater Than Power On Behalf Of Tyranny

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Malcolm X

[From The Archives]

Excerpts from 1964 Malcolm X Speech:

So the difference between being projected as an extremist or a monster (and not one) only depends on who controls the projection. If you project your own image then you are able to project a positive image. But when your enemy -- when your enemy masters the press and that's then going to create this image and project it abroad then naturally your enemy is going to project you in the image of a monster..."

While millions of our people are starving in this country. This government is sending billions of dollars abroad to feed other people. They send them wheat, over to Russia, and Poland and some of those other places and dumping a lot of it in the ocean, to keep the market down while people are starving. That doesn't add up. How are you going to have peace in 1965 and you're hungry; no job, welfare workers won't even work.

In 1964 we have still with us, the slumlords. People who own the house but don't live there themselves. Usually they live around the Grand Concourse or somewhere. They contribute to the NAACP, and CORE, and all of the civil rights organizations. Give you money to go pickett and they own the house that you're picketing. And this bad housing condition that continues to exist up there, they keep our people the victims of bad health problems. Higher infant and adult mortality rate. It's higher in Harlem than in any other part of the country, or part of the city. They promised us jobs and gave us welfare checks instead. We're still jobless. We're still unemployed. The welfare is taking care of that; making us beggars. Robbing us of our dignity; of our manhood.

Power in defense of freedom is greater than power on behalf of tyranny and oppression; because real power comes from conviction, and it produces action, uncompromising action, and it also produces insurrection against oppression..... Power recognizes only power...



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