AMAG Interns' Nets Rewards

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"Our primary goal is to make sure these children and teens gain the necessary experience in whichever field they choose to pursue later in life." states Lisbon

On February 10th, a group of very excited kids got to attend the New Jersey Nets vs. Orlando Magic game at the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey, courtesy of the New Jersey Nets Student Rewards Program.

When James Lisbon, Founder of AMAG, gathered six neighborhood teens to help out with Awareness Magazine two years ago, few would have thought the program would have gained such momentum so rapidly. As this year begins, the interns have already been given their schedule for the first quarter of the year. One of the key ingredients of the program is to put the youth in areas where their personal aspirations can be filled. "Our primary goal is to make sure these children and teens gain the necessary experience in whichever field they choose to pursue later in life." states Lisbon . "Our commitment to inspire has shifted slightly so that we not only inspire those who are actively pursuing their goal (s), but also to include our youth who are the future."

Besides working with the publication, the youth, who are primarily high school students, enjoy sports outings, museum visits and festival participation. Janella Meeks, Community Relations Manager of the New Jersey Nets [ who provide schools and other organizations complimentary tickets to New Jersey Nets basketball games] said "The Student Rewards program gives us the opportunity to reward students who persevere academically and athletically and make a difference in their communities. Young people should strive to succeed and the Nets are proud to recognize students who are doing just that."

The AMAG Intern Program continues to grow and seek youth who are seriously interested in learning about publishing, media and marketing. On February 15th, 2007, Lisbon gave the keynote address on entrepreneurship and invited youth to join the Yes I Can 7 Week Financial Literacy Program sponsored by ASAP (Association for the Social Advancement of People). Speaking before 25 foster care youth, Lisbon drove home the point of working hard and doing research to reach any future goal and stressing the importance of taking action on that goal by moving forward, no matter how small the movement may appear. Brikener Jean Gilles, ASAP's Chief Operation Officer stated, "Mr. Lisbon is an inspirational and motivational visionary with a bright future ahead of him. His patience with the youth is admirable."

The next stop for the interns is The Schomburgh Center For Research (located in Harlem, NYC) mid-March. Lisbon believes hard work, education and recreation is essential for development.

James Lisbon is also the co-founder Teen Awareness Day .Visit AMAG today for detailed information at  , ,

The AMAG Intern Program was launched in June 2005 to provide an instructive, fun and insightful environment during the summer months. The program has met with great success and as a result, continues as a year-long program, enlisting primarily high school students with an interest in publishing and journalism. All interns learn valuable lessons by experiencing what goes on behind the scenes of a publication -- ranging from layout to final product. Interns are partially responsible for reporting and interviewing, proofreading, conducting surveys, layout, photography, flyer distribution, web searches, mailings, marketing concepts, distribution, cold calling and follow up phone calling, assisting at local festivals, youth and senior functions. The Program is primarily funded by Authors Helping Youth , whose book donations generate sales to further fund the program. 

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