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Join shock jock extraordinaire, Wendy Williams as she takes you on the ride of your life through flashbacks of the rise and fall of her alter ego Ritz Harper. In a serial novel rife with dirt, scandal, and drama, readers will be left salivating as they try to figure out where the fictional Ritz Harper ends and the real life Wendy Williams begins.

DRAMA IS HER MIDDLE NAME is the first in an exciting series of innovative serial novels.  In a marketing ploy that is simply too scrumptious for words, Wendy will involve her millions of radio listeners by asking them how the second book in the series should end. This revelation will be revealed at the beginning of the next book which we will publish in the fall of 2006 just in time for Christmas.

Ritz Harper is New York's hottest radio DJ. She’s put the "S" in Shock, the "G" in Gossip and “Drama� is her middle name. She is also a homegrown suburban girl on the outside but inside she's a hustler all the way. She’s an all-purpose broad who's masterfully maneuvered her way into the spotlight after ruining the career of a well-respected newswoman (and former college friend.) Ritz's "exclusive" torpedoes her to the top of the ratings and she's rewarded with her very own show.

As Ritz's star grows brighter and brighter, even friends become foes as Ritz welcomes her guests onto her show and like a talking Venus fly trap verbally seduces them and then watches their lives crumble.  Ritz soon becomes the darling of the station's afternoon drive-time slot. But what happens when Ritz goes from drive-time diva to drive by victim? Has Ritz finally bad-mouthed the wrong person? Have her exposes and "exclusives" backfired? Has her signature cat and mouse "Bomb drop" been dropped on her instead?

As Ritz lies crumpled in a heap on a New York City sidewalk not far from her studio, felled by bullets with her name on them, all she can think as she struggles to maintain consciousness is "Who did this to me? Who? Who? Who?"

In DRAMA IS HER MIDDLE NAME, Shock jock extraordinaire Wendy Williams lets loose with the first in a series of serial novels based on her alter ego, the fabulous, incomparable, over-the-top divalicious radio DJ Ritz Harper. 

NATIONAL BOOK TOUR: New York City, Philadelphia, Houston & Los Angeles.

By Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter
Published by Harlem Moon/Broadway Books
June 20, 2006/ Trade Paperback Original
$10.95/240 pages/ISBN: 0-7679-2486-X

DRAMA IS HER MIDDLE NAME (Harlem Moon/Broadway Books, on-sale 6/20/06, Trade Paperback Original, ISBN 0-7679-2486-X)

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