Jobs: City Of Fort Worth, Texas, Police Trainee

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$3,337 monthly (while in Police Academy Training)

$4,526 monthly ($54,312 annually upon graduation)

TEST DATE AND LOCATION: MARCH 4, 2016 - JOHN JAY COLLEGE 524 W. 59TH St., New York, New York.

APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED: February 15th- February 17th, 2016

No application fee is required. Multiple test times will be offered, beginning at 8:00 a.m.

This eligibility list will be effective until thirty (30) applicants have been selected or for three months, whichever occurs first.

SPECIAL NOTE:  To be selected for a Police Academy Training Class, applicants must successfully pass a written test, a physical assessment test, a polygraph examination, an interview board, a medical examination, a psychological examination and an extensive background check.


EDUCATION: High school diploma; or GED, plus 12 college semester hours, with a “C” average.

RESIDENCY: If employed as a Fort Worth Police Officer you must live within thirty (30) minutes of designated report-in station; must be accomplished within six (6) months of employment.

CITIZENSHIP: Must be a U. S. Citizen at the time of application.  (Must be able to read and write the English Language).

AGE: 21 – 44 years of age; (Must be 21-44 years of age on the date of your assigned  Entry-Level Test/Civil Service                

Examination:  Friday, March 4, 2016)

LICENSE: Must present a valid and current driver’s license and possess an acceptable driving record.

VETERAN: Must have received an Honorable Discharge to qualify for veteran points added to a passing score of 79 or more.

DO NOT UPLOAD a copy of DD214 (Member 4) to your online application. Please email a copy of your DD214 showing character of service (Member 4 Copy) including your name and best contact number to no later than 8:00 a.m. E.S.T., March 3, 2016. 

DD214 forms will not be accepted on the day of the examination.



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