Council Member Louis Congratulates City’s First Black Council Speaker

New York City Council elected Adrienne E. Adams as the city’s first African-American speaker.
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Photos: Twitter\YouTube

BROOKLYN, NY: Council Member Farah N. Louis (D-Brooklyn), Co-Chair of the New York City Council's Women’s Caucus, released the following statement after the New York City Council elected Adrienne E. Adams (above) as the city’s first African-American speaker.

"Yesterday, my colleagues and I at the New York City Council made history by electing Adrienne E. Adams as the first African-American Speaker of the now majority women lead legislative body. Speaker Adams' election is not only a symbolic elevation as the city’s first Black Speaker, but it's an opportunity for New York City to turn a page with new leadership.

"Her ascension to the position marks a major victory for underserved and communities of color in New York. Her election is a push through the glass and metal ceilings that marks a major victory against old back-room dealings of politics and ushers this legislative body into a new era of leadership while it faces some of its greatest challenges, to protect and provide for all New Yorkers.

"Under Speaker Adams’ leadership, I am confident that we will focus our actions on the people who keep New York City running: women. There can be no recovery without centering women because every issue essentially is a women's issue. From maternal health to mental health; whether it is equality in pay, childcare, access to resources; or, providing protection under the law – the women of New York City have allies in this Council and a champion in Speaker Adrienne Adams.

"I look forward to working with Speaker Adams to continue to champion legislation and policies that advance our city forward.”

"Congratulations, Madame Speaker!”

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