Jumaane Williams Asks: Why Does Lt. Governor Hochuls Fear Debating Me on NY1?

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Kathy Hochuls. Photo--Flickr.

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul has refused to accept a prime time debate on NY1, which was offered to both campaigns to take place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Instead, Hochul asked me to participate in a debate on Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 10am on Wednesday, August 29. Apparently Andrew Cuomo isn't the only politician not willing to answer questions from NY1. I am happy debate the current Lieutenant Governor on MNN-- whose local Manhattan coverage is excellent-- but their viewership is confined to just one of the 62 counties of New York State.

This is a statewide race with a statewide electorate, and her refusal to accept a debate that could be broadcast throughout New York demonstrates a sheer lack of transparency and an unwillingness to speak openly about her own record.

As pledged, I will be announcing the release of my tax returns shortly-- almost two months before the current Lieutenant Governor did during her election in 2014 and then only after the primary. I only hope that when this disingenuous talking point is revealed for the phony attack that it is, the Lieutenant Governor and I can then discuss it and a variety of other issues in prime time for all New Yorkers to see.

The voters of New York State deserve to know that they have a choice in this election between the evasive establishment and a progressive champion.

I look forward to both the MNN and NY1 debates. I hope the Lieutenant Governor of nearly four years will see fit to respect transparency and our state's voters by being present as well

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